Climbing Mt.Drabble

The old Forbidden Plateau Ski Lodge. We have had lunch here, after sledding, years ago.

I’d like to share my oldest son’s pictures, from one of his hikes.  Here is where I drop him off and my husband picks him up.  The lodge was destroyed by fire.

Remains of the old generator still visible…

He is a very ambitious trail blazer: He will go places that the rest of our family wouldn’t even consider…

Old chairlift

This hike up Mt.Drabble  is one of his more tame adventures.  Since there is a clear trail – I won’t worry about his safe return…

Once upon a time this was well-used.

If I had a billion dollars, I’d buy him a mountain range.  He’d build scenic trails that reach the summit.

Abandoned buildings always intrigue the kid is us… especially ones with a million dollar view!

On our old property, we had mostly forest and he made trails throughout it.  He has a gift for knowing just where to place the path.  It meandered through clusters of ferns, drifts of bleeding heart and along-side massive old stumps painted living green with salal bushes and moss.

A view of the Comox Valley – Home Sweet Home!

I never worried that he would disrupt the flora and fauna.  Once he had no choice but to dig up a trillium.  He brought it to me and I planted it in the rose garden.

Ferry with Powell River in the background. My son has quite the camera for zooming in!

When we moved, I dug it up again and it now resides in my present woodland garden.

Drabble Lake campsite

We left our forest behind, but we have a piece of “forest” on our new property.

Drabble Lake on Drabble Mountain

This climb up Mt. Drabble, like life’s journey, has taken us through some not so pretty sections… and some refreshing ones too!

View from Mount Drabble

But when you keep the destination in mind – you are empowered to keep ascending.  Hope is a driving force. The summit will come and what’s behind won’t matter, compared to the glorious view before you.

Mount Becher veiled by clouds

Where is your life’s journey taking you?  Have you set out like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress?  Are you aiming for the Celestial City?

The summit of Mt. Drabble

Have you been sidetracked by Mr. Legality? Mr. Worldly Wiseman?  A giant?  Or any others of that great classic?  If so, get back on the pilgrimage.  It’s narrow, but it won’t get you lost!

“narrow the road”

“Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:13-14

“…but thus thou mayest distinguish the right from the wrong, the right only being straight and narrow.” Goodwill speaking to Christian who had briefly wandered off the path…

In our home school we are reading “Pilgrim’s Progress” again.  It is an old copy that was once used in the school libraries. Perhaps, like the Bible, it is now considered obsolete in the public schools.  This freedom to read, unrestrained, in our own “school” is awesome!

Walk on – fellow pilgrims!  ~ Wendy

14 thoughts on “Climbing Mt.Drabble

  1. Gorgeous photos, Wendy! As always, a great, uplifting post. Thanks for the encouragement!! I might just go back and read Pilgrim’s Progress…it’s been a long time.

    1. Thank you! We decided to read the old style version this time and so far -so good. It’s a fun read aloud. My son says he wants me to read some Shakespeare next – Wow! I will grab that opportunity & now! We’ve read revised Shakespeare… but not the real thing together.
      ~ Wendy

  2. Thank you for reminding me, among other reminders, to keep re-reading Pilgrim’s Progress. I had started a few months ago, then set it down to read some books my neighbor loaned me about ED, as she and I were talking quite earnestly about our past…I love the imagery in that book, and as my son had expressed interest in it, maybe I can get him to read it with me sometime soon. Your son sounds like he has a distinct and wonderful ability to see things in nature, capture them, enjoy them, and share them, like it is clear that you do, too! The scenery is somewhat like what I’ve seen on hikes in New England and Georgia, but yet unique. I miss hiking up hills, skiing and sledding down snowy mountains, and seeing landscapes like these. I need a trip away from my part of the country! We keep talking about taking the kids to see snow…maybe this will be our year!

    1. There is an updated version of Pilgrim’s Progress that is easier to read. I read this one, first, a few years ago to the kids and they never wanted me to stop. If I try a book and it is not capturing our attention by the 2nd or 3rd chapter then we set it aside. Some books are just poorly written or just too silly!

      Years ago, I read that kids are never too old to read aloud to. We love it!

      Take care ~ Wendy

      1. Thanks for the tip about the updated version! My son and I used to read together so much when he still took naps and didn’t go to school–he LOVES to read to himself, and I respect that, but I wish he would get more enjoyment out of reading aloud together. My mom and I used to do that, and even my not-as-fond-of-reading husband and I read “The Lord of the Rings” aloud to each other while driving from New Orleans to Tampa one childless summer! Maybe I’ll suggest it again and see what he thinks. I can see he is a lot like me and craves that periodic solitude with a good book…

        1. Since he loves to read, himself, I wouldn’t be concerned if he doesn’t want read aloud time. I always believe in doing what works for each family or child. Maybe he would prefer to read aloud to you? When I have a sore throat we’ve done it the other way around…since I get them to read other subjects out loud – they are used to it.

          You know what’s best for your family. It changes from year to year for some things, too… keeps moms on their toes!

          Hugs ~ Wendy

    1. I’ll be coming over to your blog later to see what you’ve written. I spent some extra time out in the garden, today, after homeschooling since the weather is just right! Now I get to treat myself to some blogs!
      Hugs ~ Wendy

  3. Thanks for sharing…I recognize those pictures even though it has been four years since we hiked up Mt. Becher. We did this four hour hike in seven hours because the girls were young and needed lots of encouragement to press on, but the view was ultimately worth it! Unfortunately, that was the last hike I did as my illness set in and I haven’t had the strength to hike since then. Yet, like the journey that Pilgrim travelled, the road has many tough places to navigate, but if we fix our eyes on Jesus and on His promises, we have hope. And hope in Jesus is a wonderful thing! It’s the refreshmnent! – We are reading the Pilgrim’s Progress too…unrestrained!

    1. Have you seen the DVD based on the book? We have it and I’d love to lend it to you. It is not as good as the book and I would not recommend watching it until you are done reading… but it is true to the book… rare these days!

      Hugs ~ Wendy

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