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I’m a writer, poet, and nature lover.

I also enjoy expressing myself through photography.

 Creation has a lot to say

My prose and poems are a small sampling of nature’s words.

I’m a Christian that loves reading the Bible …

so you’ll find a few Scripture verses woven into this blog.


Here’s a picture of our organic vegetable garden.

 My husband, Ian, and I can sit on a nearby bench to watch it grow.

We live in a small town on .77 acre with a 1940’s character house

that creaks and groans as much as our golden year bones do.

We share our home with our three favorite people on the planet.

Our two sons and one daughter are blessings from our Heavenly Father

after having been through 12 years of infertility.

We’re a close-knit homeschool family.




Thank you for your visit.

 Blessings ~ Wendy ❀



My faith is not shallow because I’ve been rescued from the deep.


I can be reached at: purselanestudio@gmail.com  

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316 thoughts on “About Wendy L. Macdonald

  1. Been meaning to stop by and look things over since you commented on Bookin’ It the other day. Lovely blog! I’m very impressed with your beautiful organic garden. I’m hoping to start my winter/spring clean up in mine (here in central Florida) next week. I don’t do veggies, but I love seeing a well tended garden full of them. I’m more into butterfly gardening and herbs, and roses. Kind of eclectic cottage garden. I very much enjoyed your poetry and drawings, too. I’ll be back! And hope to see you again on Bookin’ It, as well. Have a great remainder of the week.

    1. Thank you, Marcia, for the lovely comment. Just today, I was thinking about my vegetable garden and even considering planting a bunch of flowers for drying this year, as a break from vegetables. It would be the first year in over 20 that I would only grow flowers. Somehow I think I’ll probably chicken out and still grow veggies. It’s fun to dream and know that I have a choice – at least for now. A butterfly garden sounds like a wonderful idea too…

      1. Have you ever tried growing companion flowers with your veggies. I’ve heard marigolds are wonderful to grow with tomatoes, keeping away pests naturally, etc. I think there are other herbs and flowers that work well with veggies, too. Here, the squirrels get my tomatoes. The one vegetable that I do have good luck with is fennel. It often gets six to seven feet high. I’ve never eaten it, though. I grow it as a host plant for swallowtail butterflies, who love it. I like how it looks, too, with wide yellow umbrels of tiny blooms, and beautiful, feathery leaves. Gardening is so restorative for the soul, isn’t it?

        1. I agree that gardening is ” so restorative for the soul.” Yes, I have had lots of fun over the years with companion planting. I grow carrots in my greenhouse with the tomatoes. There is a book called: Carrots Love Tomatoes that got me onto that adventure. 🙂

  2. Oh, I didn’t know about carrots. Was thinking the other day they’d be fun to grow, especially the little ones that come in different colors. I think they would be a winter crop down here, and it’s probably too late to try them. Most root crops are. Actually, most veggies are winter crops here. Summer is for okra and field peas, and maybe bush beans. Onions, lettuces, and lots of other stuff is better in the cool weather, so the heat doesn’t do them in, or make them bolt. Hope you’ll post more pictures of your garden. My garden blog is sadly behind right now (I’ve been writing) but stop by Who’s Your Granny if you’d like to see some pics: http://www.mmeara.wordpress.com Be sure to say hi! (You might have to scroll to find the best garden pics, or use the category list on the right side)

  3. Was just thinking I’d like to share my book, Summer Magic, with you, even if you don’t have time to visit my Facebook page. If you’ll email me your address, I’ll be happy to send you a free download. I can be reached at mmeara@cfl.rr.com It will be fun to give it to someone who really enjoys poetry. Have a great evening. 🙂

      1. No problem at all, but I do need your email to send it to. Feel free to send it to me privately, if you like. I can gift the book to you immediately.

  4. Lovely writings, beautiful expression and such inspiration 😉
    I am happy for you to have come across my page so that I could yours..

  5. Your organic garden looks great! My Grandma has a small veggie garden and it’s always fun to pick the snow peas, cherry tomatoes and ward off the snails =)

    1. Thank you. We get rabbits and big black slugs who like to show up at night. Thankfully there is an owl who hangs around making sure things don’t get out of hand. ❀

  6. Wendy, Can you send me an email, I have an idea to run by you and can’t see a contact address here. Thank you! My email connected to WP is fine. Happy Weekend, G

  7. Happy Easter, Wendy! I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in a Blog Tour on the writing process. Long story short, you would answer 4 questions about what you’re writing and your writing process and then pass the torch onto 3 other writers. Let me know. Will send details if you’re interested.


    1. Thank you, Susan. It’s so nice to meet you. Nature is a wonderful comforter. It bears the signature of the ‘God of all comfort’. I will be visiting your blog too.

  8. Wow! Love your page! I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for liking my post “Today.”
    I can already tell that I’m really going to enjoy your blog for all the beautiful poetry and photos!
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Cali. It’s so nice to meet you. I like what you said in your blogpost: “We just have to show up.”

      There’s nothing more comforting than knowing we don’t walk alone–ever. ❀

  9. I L O V E your garden! great work! I too am a green thumb and oh the sweet joys of seeing seedlings bloom! I can’t wait to read your future posts!
    Blessings – Madison

  10. Dear Wendy, what a delight to meet you and I thank you so very much for coming over to my blog. I adore your veggie garden, what a delight to feast upon your beautiful photos. I found as my blog developed that the poetry I used to write when younger developed its creative outlet once again, together with my photographs which, until I started blogging, were for my own and my family’s pleasure, never in a million years expecting to be sharing them here! I do feel so refreshed, comforted and calm having spent a few moments over here with you. I look forward to spending many more…God bless you… Sherri 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sherri, for returning the visit. I found out about your blog on Seyi’s recent blogpost. It’s such a pleasure to meet another Christian writer. Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

      1. How lovely, and yes, it really is, I knew just by reading your delightful poems that you are a woman who knows the Lord. I’m thrilled to have met you.
        Blessings to you too Wendy… 😀

    1. Marcia, thank you for thinking of me and my blog. By the way, I’m really enjoying your Facebook posts. I love your sense of humor. I’m hoping to read one of your novels soon since my hubby has ordered a Kindle reader for me. I don’t like reading too much on the computer screen. ❀

      1. Hi, Wendy! You are most welcome. Hope you’ll be able to participate, but if not, I’m still glad to share your blog with my followers. Oh, I’m glad you are getting a Kindle. I love my Paperwhite SO much, because it isn’t backlit like a computer screen or smartphone, so it doesn’t bother my tired old eyes so much. If you do read one of my novels, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’m about halfway through the sequel to Wake-Robin Ridge right now, and have the sequel to Swamp Ghosts planned out and the first chapter done. 🙂 Have a great week, Wendy!

        1. PS…forgot to thank you for your comments about my Facebook page. I do have fun with it, for sure. Still crazy after all these years! 😉

  11. What a delightful and interesting About. You are and your husband in the little that I read about you seem to be the kind of people anyone would want to have as neighbors.

  12. Thank you for your like of my post, ” The Sabbath – Enjoy The Lord, Appreciate His Creation;” you are very kind. Please know how grateful I am for you kindness. Please have a blessed day.

  13. Hi Wendy! Just spent some time in your very special space here. It is filled with beauty. And, I want to thank you for always looking in on my blog. You are a dear. So much is very special about what you share with your followers. Hugs, Margie

    1. Margie, thank you for visiting me back. I think I found out about your blog from Ellen’s blog. I really enjoy the lovely paintings you both do. I began a haiga blog last year with just a simple haiku and watercolor pencil sketch (I’m a newbie with watercolors). I was inspired by all the lovely art blogs I was seeing (ones like yours). It’s called The Sketchy Poet. http://thesketchypoet.wordpress.com Blessings & hugs ~ Wendy ❀

      1. I am sooo excited about your “Sketchy Poet” Blog!! It’s delightful. Want to follow, but having trouble with Feedly. Going to find new app to read blogs. Do you have a favorite? Just having issues with Feedly lately.

        1. Thank you, Margie. I just use the WordPress reader, and I bookmark some blogs. Following by e-mail got too much for me, and I ended up with thousands of e-mails in my box. Sadly, I miss many lovely posts–but I do a catch up on my favorites every once in awhile. It beats having a full mailbox all the time. ❀

          1. Totally agree. Gave up on that long ago. And, we have to really pick and chose favorites as it is endless. One can only spend so much time in front of the screen. xx

  14. Hello! Wendy, Hope you had a Good Day and wishing you all the best for life!
    I’m Robin, 19, from robinsimpressions- a blogger, Artist, and your fellow brother in Christ.
    As I read your post ‘Stop and Smell the roses’, reblogged by Yoshiko, I thought I’d drop by. Your site is amazing and the tagline:”My faith is not shallow, because I’ve been rescued from the deep” caught my attention.
    Can’t wait a moment to give you a +Follow. May God bless you! Amen.
    If you like, please visit by and take a moment to share a word or two!
    -Shine and Smile

    1. Robin, I look forward to checking out your blog. It’s always a joy to meet other believers who are also artists. The arts is something our family cherishes (writing, drawing, music etc.). I’ll be over for a blog visit soon. Blessings. ❀

    1. Thank you, Karl. It’s nice to meet you. I hope to come by soon and read some of your blog. Tonight I’ll be out wandering around in some woods with one of my sons (and my camera). ❀

  15. Thank for you for following my blog 🙂 Even though I’ve only read a little bit of yours tonight, I’m already intrigued and inspired. I look forward to reading more.

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