Sowing Sweet Memories

Embroidering with

your delicate blooms

Neighbor’s trellis

you did climb

Memories awakened

by your sweet scent

What childhood thoughts

come to mind

Red upon petals

and no longer pure

Bridal white

becomes streaked

Mixing up all the colors

on her vine

Grandma vents

about the bees

Fragrance of love

drifting through our window

Blooms and tendrils

are my pride

Climbing rainbow

grasping white picket fence

First garden

as a young bride

Her tendrils are claws

sharp as a bee’s sting

She climbs too

but just a tree

As dainty as any

springtime blossom

Our first cat

christened “Sweat-pea”

Sow sweet memories

forever to bloom


in April showers

I stow away seeds

at each season’s end

Summer was made

for flowers.


I bought my Grandmother a package of white sweet-pea seeds, years ago, to help offset the mixing up of colors that the bees had caused in her garden.  They have been at it in my garden, too!

Blooming where I’m planted ~ Wendy

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    1. I am honored that you like my pictures. Your photography inspires me to reach for the stars… I really enjoy this hobby and your photos shows that you enjoy this art, too!
      ~ Wendy

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