Puntledge River Walk

Our oldest son loves the outdoors.  This is one of the places he has led us to.

He has discovered so many awesome places to walk.

Whenever he wants to encourage me to come, he’ll say that it’s a great place to take photos…

I really think he’d be great at publishing a book of  “Vancouver Island Hikes”.

He loves taking pictures and he is a fearless hiker.

Our son has been up (too) close to elk, deer, bear, raccoons, beaver, and even a cougar!

But having lost an only niece to the ravages of street drugs…

I am happy to have a son who loves the company of nature.

Nature does not ravage us.

Sadly, humans have not been so kind to the wild woods.

Yet, it continues, where still intact, to bless us with its healing balm.

My husband understands this power.

When I received the news of my Dad’s death many years ago…

He took me, the same day, to our favorite forest trail.

This trail that I am showing you, right now, is along the river my husband and I were baptized in.

Trust me… it is colder than it looks!

But it was worth every shiver.

I hope you have a healing place to visit too.

Healing Blessings ~ Wendy