It’s a Bug Eat Bug World!

All this past summer I had been waiting, trying, and hoping to catch a butterfly with my camera.  So, one morning I noticed a moth on the Buddleia  (also known as butterfly bush).

Upon closer inspection – I discovered that a spider had terminated it!

So sad…

It seems it is a bug eat bug world in my garden.

Someone is always trying to capture and destroy someone else!

Well, not everyone wants to annihilate another bug.  This caterpillar just wants to eat my plants…

And this sluggish fella is happy to eat anything that he comes across.  I only dispose of  slugs that find their way into my greenhouse.  I share the rest of our place.

Now I know who has been eating the mushrooms!

This caterpillar was refusing to uncurl for a photo…

So, I gently moved it to the flower border, and it took off like a shot! Maybe it will turn into a lovely butterfly for me to photograph?

Those, whose game is entrapment, are rather captivating to capture on the camera!

Their webs are works of art, taught to them by our Creator.

In the right setting, spiders can even be beautiful…

or lovely…

even charming!

This one is cleverly camouflaged as a bird dropping! (In my opinion)

Well, whatever spiders are – they are helpful in bug control.

Come on – admit it… this one is kinda cute!

Alright then… try this one on for size.  Even I got the creeps from this lady!

Then a fly landed on me, and I just about jumped out of my skin… and the spider scurried off, because of the commotion.

I would not have minded, if the fly had landed in her web.  Flies are expendable.

This dragonfly agrees with me, as it starts to chomp into one…  after all, it’s a bug eat bug world!

I’m still hoping for some butterfly pictures, one day… it appears not to be my season for them – Yet!

Admiring creation ~ Wendy

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, ”

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2