Climbing Mt.Drabble

The old Forbidden Plateau Ski Lodge. We have had lunch here, after sledding, years ago.

I’d like to share my oldest son’s pictures, from one of his hikes.  Here is where I drop him off and my husband picks him up.  The lodge was destroyed by fire.

Remains of the old generator still visible…

He is a very ambitious trail blazer: He will go places that the rest of our family wouldn’t even consider…

Old chairlift

This hike up Mt.Drabble  is one of his more tame adventures.  Since there is a clear trail – I won’t worry about his safe return…

Once upon a time this was well-used.

If I had a billion dollars, I’d buy him a mountain range.  He’d build scenic trails that reach the summit.

Abandoned buildings always intrigue the kid is us… especially ones with a million dollar view!

On our old property, we had mostly forest and he made trails throughout it.  He has a gift for knowing just where to place the path.  It meandered through clusters of ferns, drifts of bleeding heart and along-side massive old stumps painted living green with salal bushes and moss.

A view of the Comox Valley – Home Sweet Home!

I never worried that he would disrupt the flora and fauna.  Once he had no choice but to dig up a trillium.  He brought it to me and I planted it in the rose garden.

Ferry with Powell River in the background. My son has quite the camera for zooming in!

When we moved, I dug it up again and it now resides in my present woodland garden.

Drabble Lake campsite

We left our forest behind, but we have a piece of “forest” on our new property.

Drabble Lake on Drabble Mountain

This climb up Mt. Drabble, like life’s journey, has taken us through some not so pretty sections… and some refreshing ones too!

View from Mount Drabble

But when you keep the destination in mind – you are empowered to keep ascending.  Hope is a driving force. The summit will come and what’s behind won’t matter, compared to the glorious view before you.

Mount Becher veiled by clouds

Where is your life’s journey taking you?  Have you set out like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress?  Are you aiming for the Celestial City?

The summit of Mt. Drabble

Have you been sidetracked by Mr. Legality? Mr. Worldly Wiseman?  A giant?  Or any others of that great classic?  If so, get back on the pilgrimage.  It’s narrow, but it won’t get you lost!

“narrow the road”

“Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:13-14

“…but thus thou mayest distinguish the right from the wrong, the right only being straight and narrow.” Goodwill speaking to Christian who had briefly wandered off the path…

In our home school we are reading “Pilgrim’s Progress” again.  It is an old copy that was once used in the school libraries. Perhaps, like the Bible, it is now considered obsolete in the public schools.  This freedom to read, unrestrained, in our own “school” is awesome!

Walk on – fellow pilgrims!  ~ Wendy