Busting Through the Block Wall of Discouragement


words flow steadily

when the Lord fills the inkwell

with inspiration


Wendy / 2016




Busting through the block wall of discouragement is no easy feat.

Recently I hit the writer’s block wall of discouragement after picking up and reading an e-book where I’d left off earlier that day. I’d read a portion during my morning exercise time on the stationary bike, and I was looking forward to receiving more encouragement and writing craft advice before I turned out the light for the night.




All was well.

My bedroom smelled of my favorite lemon-scented hand cream. I’d said goodnight to everyone in the house, and the cozy feeling a wife and mother gets from having made a dinner everyone loved still lingered with me between the soft sheets of the bed.

And then it happened…




I read the credentials of the super-duper author of the writing craft book I was holding via my Kindle.

This lady had 3 times as many children as I do, dozens of published books, and Hollywood’s interest in her manuscripts. Even her co-author was intimidating. She had twice as many children as I do, and over a dozen books and awards. But I had been so swept away by the first lady’s accolades, I’d hardly noticed the second author’s resume.

And then it hit me—I’m a newbie-nobody-writer.




If I’d skipped over the second writer because I’d been so impressed by the first one, how was I ever going to get noticed by an agent?

An editor?

A publisher?

And most importantly—a reader?




I turned my Kindle off, removed my reading glasses, and sank back against my pillows as my heart slid into my stomach. Tears waited at the gate, but I was too stunned with discouragement to cry.

Lord, do you want me to write?

I thought about the Holy Bible, the book God inspired to be written through the hands of men as He breathed His Spirit through the words He gave them. If I compared the super-duper-writer with the Author of that Book, even she looked small.

And then it hit me—we’re all small.




What does it matter if I only get one book published? If it’s a book God desires me to write, then it’s enough.

I mean, after all, He technically only has one set of books (Old and New Testaments).


I’ll be in good company.

And besides, we are somebodies to our Redeemer. Our Heavenly Father. Our God.

Whatever you do,

work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord,

not for men,

since you know that you will receive

an inheritance from the Lord

as a reward.

It is the Lord Christ

you are serving.

Colossians 3:23-24


In Good Company Blessings ~ Wendy




Okay, friends, have you any advice for busting through a block wall of discouragement? I’m nosy to know.