The Invitation

This day I


Upon your door,

In hopes to


My love and more…

Instead you


To one who lies

He offers


But you will cry

His tricks are


They satisfy…

Briefly for


It’s all a lie

Come all to


All I will give

For I have


But now I live

I am the


The Light and more

And I will


Life evermore!

Today I


But you said, No!

Onto the


I now will go

One day I’ll


Again for you

Until too…


I offer Truth.




This lily was my favorite flower to photograph this summer.  It tarried as it opened.  Lingering at each movement – peaking the anticipation..  Some hearts are slow to faith; but, it does not take away from the beauty when faith doth bloom!

Trusting in Him ~ Wendy

18 thoughts on “The Invitation

    1. Great weekend to you too! Mine started early since hubby (Ian) is off today… kids talked me into taking today off homeschooling & I must admit it’s kinda nice to sleep in a bit.
      Hugs ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you! I love your latest damselfly photo. One landed on my hand this week. No photo though. But it was an amazing moment…and a bit of a tease! (Camera was in the house – of course 😉 )
      Enjoy your weekend!
      Hugs ~ Wendy

  1. Why, when there is such abundant love there for the taking, do any of us choose differently? You wrote a beautiful poem that captured great questions of the heart. I am also spurred to pray more for those in my life that I know are hearing knocking at their hearts’ doors, and who have not yet answered. My heart aches, but I know these prayers are not in vain. Thank you for sharing the poem and the beautiful pictures.

    1. Yes, let’s keep praying. I love how one of the thieves hanging on a cross beside Jesus asked to be remembered and Jesus said that he would be with him in Paradise that very day! No special class – no baptism – just acknowledging he was a sinner and that he believed who Jesus really was… the sinless Son of God. It’s all about grace!
      Oh how I love Him ~ Wendy

  2. There is something about watching a flower bloom, open its petals to the light, and then die that also reminds me of exactly what you wrote about. A flower in full bloom is glorious. Some never do open to the light. They never bloom. It is perplexing and sorrowful, and all the more so for men. We are here for such a short moment in time and while we are here the Lord calls us to bloom. Your poem and pictures capture this truth beautifully.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I wrote this with a mix of hope and heaviness in my heart. There is so much I do not understand… I can’t comprehend going through life without Christ.
      Take care ~ Wendy

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