Frost Bite



Frost Bite


During the night’s watch

an alien ashore is tossed

alongside seaweed brutally bitten

by jagged teeth of frost

Melancholy misfit

in metropolis of shells

Barely alive and breathing

between silent sobbing spells

Too often  I’ve been beached

as an ocean battered board

Then deftly dragged back out again

to drift aimlessly as before


An island to oneself

in deep despairing depths

Somberly wishing to descend

into the Sea of Forget

But once in the belly

of the bottom feeding brute

I cry for rescue by the One

who holds the only Truth

He hears pleading shouts

from the “Slough of Despond”

He turns his face toward me

and with grace He does respond

My faith no longer shallow

I’m carried above the tide

He’s rescued me from the deep

and placed his Spirit inside.



Rescue Blessings ~ Wendy

John Bunyan and Jonah have both experienced deep despair.  One was in a man-made prison and the other a customized jail… Whatever our prison may be there is One who can pick any lock we need in order to be set free.  Please understand that I mean this figuratively; although, He’s been known to open jail doors – just ask Paul and Silas.  If you are unfamiliar with these people – then Google them!  Don’t you just love Google?

My faith is not shallow, for I have been rescued from the deep. ~ Wendy

28 thoughts on “Frost Bite

  1. Your words are beautiful and timely…V. and I have been praying often about some things he is working through professionally (which of course carries over into his personal life, because you can’t really separate the two wholly)…he knows God is our source of true satisfaction, reward, and joy, and knows that his perspective fills with hope when we kneel in prayer. I am so grateful that God hears us in our despair and can set us free. Having been in “pits” and “prisons”, and having seen loved ones there, too, I can say that every time God has reached down in love and rescued. Praise HIM!!

  2. Hi Wendy,

    “John Bunyan and Jonah have both experienced deep despair. One was in a man-made prison and the other a customized jail… Whatever our prison may be there is One who can pick any lock we need in order to be set free.” what a great reminder of the condtion we all were in before the Lord graciously saved us.
    We were all the servants of sin before the Lord removed us from thay captivity and brought us into His family. What a wonderful Lord we serve. I really appreciat eyour postings. Your blog is a wonderful way to share the truth of God using a combination of pictures and writing. Lord bless you!

    1. Thank you, Rob, for your kind encouragement. As I grow in His grace, I discover other prisons within prisons that He reveals and unlocks. His transforming work never stops – I’m glad!
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. This is so powerful, Wendy. “My faith is not shallow, for I have been rescued from the deep”–I join you in this wonderful claim. Thank you! God bless you–love, Caddo

  4. Morning Wendy-Lee! *waving* Ohhhh this was really deep our Wendy! *smiling* You know I don’t believe in god:) but the love you have for him inside, shines through to me!
    Have a great weekend Wendy-Lee!! …..Paula xxx

    1. Good morning Paulama! Thank you for your cheerful visits! It seems so strange that you are living in Friday and I am still in Thursday… My husband is off this weekend (so far), and so I’m looking forward to a relaxed atmosphere…Enjoy your weekend dear friend! My poem was about when I was in the midst of eating disorders and deep depression. Once I was diagnosed I felt relieved and was eager to recover… I was so happy to know that there was a name to what I was doing and that I was not alone. The very day after calling out in desperation, a Christian at work reached out to me with helpful information that got me onto the recovery road.
      Blessings ~ Wendy xo

        1. Yes, I have felt healed for almost 30 years. When despair has tried to invade again, I can use what I’ve learned to ward it off… it’s never got as deep as back in my ED days. 🙂
          Hugs to you, dear Paula! xo

  5. This was His perfect word through you to us, Wendy! I loved the whole thing . ..and how He rescues us . ..pulls us from despair. So thankful for you and all He’s done . .for all of us! God bless you, sweet friend of deep faith!

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