Frost Bite



Frost Bite


During the night’s watch

an alien ashore is tossed

alongside seaweed brutally bitten

by jagged teeth of frost

Melancholy misfit

in metropolis of shells

Barely alive and breathing

between silent sobbing spells

Too often  I’ve been beached

as an ocean battered board

Then deftly dragged back out again

to drift aimlessly as before


An island to oneself

in deep despairing depths

Somberly wishing to descend

into the Sea of Forget

But once in the belly

of the bottom feeding brute

I cry for rescue by the One

who holds the only Truth

He hears pleading shouts

from the “Slough of Despond”

He turns his face toward me

and with grace He does respond

My faith no longer shallow

I’m carried above the tide

He’s rescued me from the deep

and placed his Spirit inside.



Rescue Blessings ~ Wendy

John Bunyan and Jonah have both experienced deep despair.  One was in a man-made prison and the other a customized jail… Whatever our prison may be there is One who can pick any lock we need in order to be set free.  Please understand that I mean this figuratively; although, He’s been known to open jail doors – just ask Paul and Silas.  If you are unfamiliar with these people – then Google them!  Don’t you just love Google?

My faith is not shallow, for I have been rescued from the deep. ~ Wendy