Grandmother’s Garden


Grandmother’s Garden


A gentlewoman leans upon

her wooden cane

as she reaches up to aid

the plants in curling round

their own support

that she has made

Red flowers scarlet

as once her lips

in former days


her eyes that echo

her hair of cloudy gray

But strength

is still visible

in her gardener’s arms

as they embrace

her children’s children

like a jeweler gathering charms

There’s no need

to bring fresh flowers

when they come

for she desires blooming faces

of granddaughters

and grandsons!


The Christmas Cactus is from cuttings off of my Grandmother’s plant.

Blessings ~ Wendy

21 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Garden

  1. Thanks for the words which remind me of my Mother. And thanks for the photos; Mother’s cacti are not only finished but had a stroke. Here’s hoping the shoots root as I wouldn’t want to lose either the white or orange one. Mine has only 1 flower left for this season.

  2. This was totally beautiful, Wendy! Wow! I loved that gathering charms line too, and that all she wanted was blooming faces. God bless you and your family!!

    1. Your children are very blessed! My husband and I both come from families without faith, and so it has been a bit strained at times when we are with our families. But we have all made the best of it… Our children bring great joy to their grandparents, and they are the only grandchildren on either side.
      Blessings dear Alison ~ Wendy

      1. Our little ones have already been God’s sweet instruments to show love to family members who don’t know our Lord (yet)…it is great to see their joyful, simple, bold faith! Until little A., our L. was the only grandchild on both sides as well. Now with A. and my niece, there are three grandchildren. I am very excited to see them all together this Christmas at my parents’ house!

        Tonight, my parents are joining us to watch L. and his schoolmates in their Christmas concert. L. will be reading some verses from Luke 2! He had the idea a few nights ago to read through that chapter as a family, a few verses each day. Let that desire for the Word keep growing!!

  3. Oh my goodness–this poem is perfection, Wendy! And WOWZA, that’s a Christmas cactus! I wonder if there’s any hope mine will survive, let alone thrive! God bless you Big–love, Caddo

  4. Oh my goodness, this poem is perfection, Wendy! And WOWZA–that’s a Christmas cactus! Wonder if there’s any hope mine with survive, let alone thrive… God bless you Big–love, Caddo

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