Goose Spit Under a Blue Moon

Focus on the Family has taught us to keep having a date night no matter how many years we’ve been together.

So, when the budget is tight, we do free stuff like walking on the beach.

Our kids are more than old enough to be at home alone.

So we no longer need to pay a sitter!

Our teens and preteen like it when we go out together on a “date”.

It makes them feel secure to know their parents are keeping their relationship strong.

They might say “Yuck” if they catch us kissing in the kitchen… but I know they are glad.

I was glad if I even saw my parents sit beside each other.

So, recently, we went to Goose Spit, in Comox, to take sunset photos. It is only a 10 minute drive from our home.

As we drove down to the parking area, my husband mentioned that it was a rare blue moon that night.

Bonus!  I had not listened to CBC radio, that day, so I was pleasantly surprised!

We were able to get pictures both at water’s edge and from above on a trail that overlooked the beach.

There were a lot of people there with their cameras and boats!

Because we were on a spit; we could take photos of the sun setting on one side and the blue moon gazing over the ocean on the other side.

We both brought a camera, and we had so much fun that on our next date night we will include our cameras again.  Our plan is to take flower shots on beautiful Comox Avenue!

If you don’t have someone to take on a date – take your camera somewhere special and have fun!  ~ Wendy

20 thoughts on “Goose Spit Under a Blue Moon

    1. The Comox Valley has quite the variety for nature lovers. It has both a great ski hill and then the ocean below…plus rivers & lakes between.
      Thanks for your visit!
      ~ Wendy

  1. These are wonderful, as is your message. My wife and I have been diligent over the years to get some together time. I have always said “the best thing i can do for my kids is to love my wife” – and i have endured many a Yuck in the kitchen – LOL
    Thanks for these lovely photos.

    1. Thank you! Anything is possible with God… especially when both people in a marriage are willing to make changes when necessary. My heart breaks for a dear friend who is going through a divorce because her husband would rather scrap their marriage than humble himself & get counseling. My sweet friend is still gracious through it all. That man is losing such a treasure! ~ Wendy

    1. Yes, please! I’m thinking the estuary along Dyke Road? Did I spell that right? 😉

      Hugs ~ Wendy

      PS. Thanks for installing more memory into this computer…you’ve transformed it from a slug to a dragonfly!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Focus on the Family is a wonderful organization.

    At our house, we had what we called “A Four-Way (or Three-Way) Lovey Smush.” That was when my husband and I were having a hug and one or both of the girls joined in. It was so much fun and always put everyone in a good mood.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog some days ago. I look forward to visiting her again. Many blessings to you and your family.

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