Cat Calling

Where’s breakfast?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  I considered myself a devoted dog diva until I was owned by a cat ( You can’t really own a cat…).

Our, inside, cat asks Mitty, ” Can we be friends? “

Mitty, named after “Mittens” in Beatrix Potter’s books, definitely cannot be owned!

” Certainly not! ” Mitty replied.

She purred so loudly when I held her in my arms, the first time, over 9 years ago. Mitty was a kitten who had been rescued from off the streets by the SPCA.

The garden only needs one guard.

Her loud purring captured my heart.  The markings on her nose reminded me of our late cat, who had owned us for over 20 years.

I am the queen!

Our old cat, Kitty, was the darling that won me over to the cat kingdom. Mitty, however, turned out to be rather aloof.

You may go now…

She does not like to be held for more than 7 seconds.  My children have received scratches and bites to prove this point!

I’m rather busy.

But we still love her.  Cats may not always run up and greet you like a dog, with their tail wagging and tongue hanging out…

Life is good!

Instead, in their dainty way, they look up from their lounging position as if to say: ” Don’t worry… be happy!”

Greenhouse Guardian

Cats are right.  Just watching them lowers our blood pressure.

Do I hear a snack rustling in the bushes?

Felines don’t need to be taken for a walk.  If they think they need more calories, they’ll supplement their diet with rodents.  Having a cat in the garden keeps the rabbits away ( Unless the rabbit’s name is Peter…).

Full of contentment and a critter or two…

So, are you thinking I’m now a cat loving convert?

Couch Critters

No way!  I love my cats and dogs equally.  They are all members of our family. Pets give us more opportunity to love and be loved.  How good is that?

Setting a good example for her loyal subjects.

All  you dog lovers may want to check out your local animal shelter.  I hear a cat calling your name…


I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil.  When I see a picture… I also hear words.  My blog is where I write them down.  Thanks for reading!

Loving my furry friends ~ Wendy

A righteous man care for the needs of his animal…  Proverbs 12:10

17 thoughts on “Cat Calling

  1. Lovely!! Cats are wonderful creatures. I have four cats at present – Old Smoky 21yrs. Smoky Joe, Sindy, and a little stray black female who turned up starving in my garden one evening a few weeks ago. I have called her Mystic. I came across this lovely quote last week. I can attest to the truth of it: “Never belittle the comfort offered by a cat. She has no words, but by small touchings and buttings and leanings, she shows her love for you…” [Pam Brown] Blessings xx

    1. Thank you, I am so honored that you would nominate me! Mitty is not an easy cat to photograph… I would drop what I was doing and run and get my camera when she was feeling like posing! Even in this she rules… ~ Wendy

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