Mallow Mystique

Mystique is mysterious and even harbors surprises…

Just when you think you know her – she unveils the unknown.

I thought I had things under control in my garden.  There was an unnamed “weed” popping up under our grape arbor.

Dutifully I pulled them out for the last three summers.  I don’t mind weeding because I just add them to my compost pile.

But this summer I started blogging.  When the kids and I stopped our home school studies, for the break, I blogged even more and gardened a little less.

Then the heat wave came… and I gardened even less… and some of those “weeds” got a head of me.

One morning as I was looking out the dining-room window, waving goodbye to Ian as he rode his bike to work…, a touch of pink mysteriously peering out from amongst some spent iris caught my eye.

Later I took a closer look after my usual morning routine.  And as you can see; a pink lady greeted me rather smugly.   I had been composting all her sisters –  but she remained untouched.

Don’t feel too badly for her as she now has some little sisters popping up around her.

I have blogging to thank and the heat of summer for keeping my weedy little fingers off this delicacy of pink.

Most women like surprises.  I am certainly of that sort.  Hopefully I am not going to find out that this is one of those awfully invasive plants that will choke out all life as we know it!

I have another mallow that grows in my new perennial border.  I should introduce her to him.  He is perfectly purple.  I’ve never had trouble with him taking over…

But I do need to watch out for the blogging bug!  School is back in session at our place next week.  I home school our children/teens and so I may need to weed out some activities to keep those young brains blossoming…

I suspect that some of our subject matter may invade greenlightlady. Hopefully no algebra will show up here…

Since surprises can be a good thing – I’ll let you wonder what subjects we’ll be covering.  You can always toss them on the compost heap if they don’t work for you.

But beware of the little siblings that may germinate elsewhere.

Remember that ladies like lovely surprises…  and I think that men do too! They marry women – don’t they?

However, as it is written:

“No eye has seen,

no ear has heard,

no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”

– 1 Corinthians 2:9

Blessings ~ Wendy

13 thoughts on “Mallow Mystique

  1. Beautiful flowers. A ‘weed’ is just a name given by human beings. We tend to classify things according to how we see them and not how they truly are. Last week, I pulled up so-called weeds from my garden and, the next morning, one lone beautiful yellow dandelion flower had blossomed overnight, and was standing tall and proud against the fence. I didn’t have the heart to massacre her. My ideal garden would be a field where everything could be left to bloom naturally, where nature could live its course, and where I never have to cut short a life. Now that’s a wonderful idea!!

    1. That is a wonderful idea. I have been interested in turning a portion of our property into a wildflower field, but have been unsuccessful at convincing my husband, as yet. 😉 Recently, I had the pleasure (but not my camera), of driving by some fields just abounding with Queen Anne’s Lace. It was so beautiful and unexpected. Peace to you!

      1. Queen Anne’s Lace is lovely in a group! We saw a bunch in a field on a recent evening walk. I only had my little camera with me and the pictures turned out blurry…need to go again.
        ~ Wendy

    2. I agree that “weeds” have their own beauty in the proper setting. At our old place where we had 6 acres I let the wildflowers grow around the pond. We could see them from the front porch. Low level maintenance with high pleasure dividends! The deer left them alone too…
      ~ Wendy

  2. I think that, from time to time, I don’t recognize things that God may have caused to ‘spring up’ in the garden of my heart / mind. Just as with your flower, I pluck out these things or ignore them, not realizing they may be from God. But, the Lord, in His grace, may cause another to spring up, hoping I catch on this time. Here’s the extreme of this concept: Isaiah 53:2 “For He comes up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground. He has no form nor magnificence that we should see Him; nor form that we should desire Him.” Lord, give us eyes that we might see.

    Your photography is beautiful! It also looks very nice in the gallery format on the Reader. (I wrote a comment earlier this morning, but the ‘poof-monster’ got it. 🙁 Don’t you hate that? lol) ~Beth

    1. Thank you! The ‘poof monster’ pays regular visits to my house too… I love how inclusive Jesus is. There are some rather interesting people in His lineage. His grace is gracious!
      By the way, I really love your latest poem.
      ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you! Do you like pansies? I have some coming up in a post in a few days… My flower pictures are backed up since I keep taking other ones too. Tonight I took my first real sunset photos in years.
      ~ Wendy

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