There She Goes Again #memoir

There She Goes Again #memoir

Nature recently tugged at my heart and reminded me of some important truths.

My husband and I headed out the door to visit one of our favorite parks. The moment we stepped onto the manicured grounds, I started photographing all things lovely and verdant. And I even paused long enough from my infatuation with flowers to snap a photo of my handsome hubby. And since I don’t have many pictures of the lady behind my camera lens, I asked him to take a picture of me too.

There She Goes Again #memoir

We walked up the garden steps that passed by a rose arbor and then we followed the path that hugged a meandering creek. And just before we reached the end of the path, I spotted a doe resting in the shade of a Japanese maple. She sat so still that if I hadn’t been on the hunt for birds and other unexpected delights, I would have missed her.

My husband stood next to me and said, “There she goes again.”

There She Goes Again #memoir

Yes, there I went again doing what I always do when I see a deer; I snapped pictures, because I know a deer—like time—doesn’t stand still when you most want it to.

A tug at my heart made me suspect the doe was the same mother of a young fawn I saw the previous time we were at this park. That meant her baby was probably sleeping nearby. In fact, I guessed it was asleep under the bushy evergreen shrub that grew just behind the doe’s resting spot.

There She Goes Again #memoir

When I saw her fawn the last time, it was while I was sorting out feelings of frustration about my own offspring. God spoke patience to me and filled me with more of His grace as I relinquished my concerns and fears to Him.

As I thought of her offspring again, I again thought of mine. I considered how fast my children grew into adults. And that thought led me to think about how fast my grandson is growing. And then I thought of the picture my husband took of me.

There She Goes Again #memoir

Time swiftly passes by. Pictures don’t lie. I can’t stop the lines, the sags, nor the wrinkles any more than I can save my own soul. Only God can create or renew youth. But I’m happy to be alive and happy to be on my way to Heaven. Bring on the battle scars because I’m being transformed and renewed on the inside. And that’s the part that counts for eternity.

You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14 NIV

There She Goes Again #memoir

The doe stood and slowly vanished into the upper part of the park. We kept walking towards the ocean and the flower borders that faced it. Yes, our bodies are like the lilies. Beautiful for a little while and then we vanish from the earth. But blessed are they who know and love the Lord, for they will receive resurrected bodies at the end of the age.

There She Goes Again #memoir

No, I’ll keep my aging body as-is—thank you. It reminds me whose I am and who is coming for to carry me Home. Each line, sag, and wrinkle bring me closer to the finish line. But in the meantime, I’ll keep giving my husband cause to say, “There she goes again.”

There She Goes Again #memoir

And now I’d like to close with a poem:

A doe rests in the woods
While her offspring sleep nearby
All is well within her world
Though time swiftly passes by
A hand touches my shoulder
And I smile into my husband’s eyes
For all is well in this moment
Though our years pass swiftly by.
~ wlm

I’m nosy-to-know what God has been teaching you through nature?

Nature Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

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There She Goes Again #memoir

8 thoughts on “There She Goes Again #memoir

  1. I love your photographs of the doe and the doe with fawn. I live near a nature preserve and frequently see deer when I walk. Occasionally, I capture the moment with a photograph but not quite so stunning as those you shared. What has God taught me through nature?… Many things over the course of time but at the top of the list is, “Be still and know that I am God.” It does my mind, body and soul good to be in His creation… and be still. It’s too easy for me to get sucked into a frenzy of whatever appears to be the “urgent” leading to a never-ending tyranny of the daily grind. God gave a simple remedy… BE STILL!

    Thanks for sharing a part of your moment with us.

    1. Thank you, dear Manette.
      I couldn’t agree more that to “Be still” is a “simple remedy” from God.
      Nature nurtures my soul too. The Lord is evident throughout creation. His love. His power. His majesty.

  2. One of the reasons (other than the food) I garden is a reminder that sin caused the ground to be cursed. Every weed, drought, flood, animal damage and aching muscle reminds me of Creator and the love which takes us “through the valley”. The unending variety on this earth, of nature and human, reveals an infinite God, and I am grateful. Thank you to God for your photography and insights.

    1. Thank you, my friend. Yes, you’re so right. I know nothing reminds me of the Garden of Eden and the curse we invited more than when I’m tugging out wild blackberry vines out of my rose beds. Yup. I sure look forward to weedless and sweat-free gardens in Heaven. And the fruit there will be the best ever and forever. Blessings.

  3. Your quiet and peaceful musings were a blessing to my soul. Thank you! There has been no peaceful communing with nature for us this year. Rather, there has been tragedy and disaster, struggles in our family, and health problems that may never end. We stagger from one to the next difficulty. The times we grab in the Word give us hope and a renewed awareness of Jesus. How I long for him! Thank you for sharing the peace and tranquility of this post, Wendy!

    1. Dear Melinda, I’m so sorry you’re suffering difficulties. And I’m grateful to hear that you are still finding “hope and a renewed awareness of Jesus.” I don’t enjoy seasons of suffering, but I do appreciate Christ’s closeness in them. Gentle hugs, my friend. May His Presence cushion you and comfort you. xo

  4. I think the photos of you and your husband are lovely! Thanks for sharing! Some day I hope to return to the island and maybe visit this beautiful park. We have two precious daughters-in-law from the island. I can relate to challenges with family, but mostly it is all good. Thanks again for your uplifting posts and stunning photography.

    1. Thank you, dear Tina. Let me know when you’re headed this way and we can meet for coffee and a walk through this park when COVID is no longer around. Bring a camera. 🙂

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