Jesus Banned Privilege #EqualityForAll

Jesus Banned Priviledge #EqualityForAll

Recently, news of rejoicing made me tear up. I often listen to CBC radio news while I clear up the supper dishes. That particular week of news overflowed with stories of death, grief, and racism; however, in the middle of some messy stories a reported incident stood out as a beacon of love in the darkness of depravity.

A parade of loud demonstrators marched down a street proclaiming justice be served for those who’ve been served injustice for far too long. People craved a just society where children, women, and men were counted with equal measure of dignity, freedom, and respect—regardless of race—regardless of color.

I couldn’t agree more that the Sunday school song about Jesus loving all the little children of the world also applies to all of us loving all the tribes, all the tongues, and all the nations of our world. Equal. Equal. Equal. There needs to be equal access to everything we need for everyone who needs it. Especially unconditional love and respect.

Jesus Banned Priviledge #EqualityForAll

Jesus came to save the whole world. He laid his life down for whosoever believes. Not for a select few. God loves the whole world. And we are to love all of our neighbors too. Love is the opposite of fear. When we fear someone because they’re unknown to us, we’re not living out love.

We must be willing to lay down our lives despite fear. We must be willing to love. I recently learned firsthand what’s it’s like to love a stranger and have them return my love with depraved behavior. But I learned much more from that experience than if I had allowed fear to rule. Plus, I was able to demonstrate God’s love in a way that protected someone who needed protection.

God’s got plans for justice, so I can let it go. It’s our job to love and it’s God’s job to judge.

Jesus Banned Priviledge #EqualityForAll

When I heard about some police officers who set their batons down, removed their helmets, and marched alongside peaceful protesters in a parade of people passionate for justice and equality, my heart melted into a puddle of pleased joy.

When I heard that those same police officers offered high-fives to the peaceful protesters as they marched down the road with them, my heart welled-up with hope.

Jesus stepped down from heaven and set down his crown and removed his royal robes so he could walk the dusty roads with common people. He mourned when they mourned and rejoiced when they rejoiced. He filled the thirsty, fed the hungry, and healed the lame.

And when he spoke, thousands listened. Not because he and his disciples were clad in riot gear and ready to clobber the unwilling. They listened because Jesus was willing to walk among them as an equal participant in the daily grind of making an honest living that wasn’t based on privilege.

It was the privileged who suffered the wrath of Christ’s angry words as he cast stones at their white-washed ways and slithering selfishness. It was the ones who were originally promised inheritance who were denied privilege in the end because of their lack of faith and lack of love. And now all must enter through the same washed-in-blood-door of Jesus, or remain an affront to God.

Jesus Banned Priviledge #EqualityForAll

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28 NIV

With one sentence of Scripture, equality was sentenced for all. Jesus banned privilege.

And now I’d like to close with a poem and some some excellent links for others—like me—who desire to learn from, listen to, and love on our colored neighbors. These are white-friendly links that are not intended to shame us—but to inform us. Feel free to suggest helpful links in the comments below.

These links helped me understand some things I lacked knowledge about.

The Bridge

Two wrongs never make a right
But forgiveness and grace
shed true light
We need to listen up
and lean into grace
if we want to build a bridge
between each race.
~ wlm

Bridge Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

Race and the Christian: Q&A with Tim Keller, John Piper, and Anthony Bradley on YouTube

Conversations About Race

From a Black Friend to my White Friends

The Fight Against Racism Starts Within Our Families

8 Specific Actions We Can Take

Jesus Banned Priviledge #EqualityForAll


8 thoughts on “Jesus Banned Privilege #EqualityForAll

  1. Oh, Wendy! I am almost speechless and had to fight back the tears so I could respond to you. As someone who is trying to practice Jesus’ teachings, your post gave me the shivers with its powerful truth and compassion. Thanks for reminding us of the truth of His gospel, of the reason He came to live among us humans and the example He gave us. Thanks for reminding us that our job is to love.

        1. This verse popped off a page in my Bible this morning: “Keep on loving each other as brothers.” Hebrews 13:1 NIV
          This is the poem I wrote in response to it:
          It’s not just me that I see
          When I look in the mirror
          It’s my sister and my brother
          And love makes this even clearer
          It’s not just you that I see
          When I look into your face
          It’s the imprint of God’s love
          Stamped across the human race.
          ~ wlm <3

          1. Wow. Impactful. The monks believe we are to look for the face of God in each person we meet. If you’re busy looking for the face of God, there’s no room for hate.

  2. We don’t have to like what we see but we have to LOVE AGAPE just like Jesus commanded. We don’t have to excuse behavior, but we DO have to leave the judging in general to God! We know certain things will be judged, and we have to point out unrighteousness but we have to be so careful NOT to point fingers at an individual because at one time we have ALL needed God’s mercy and forgiveness and for as long as I have been doing this, there is a battle until the Lord calls us home and a plea for forgiveness should always be on our lips to ASK for AND to give! Great message Sis. When the Holy Spirit talks, don’t ever hold back! Love your ministry and compassion!

    1. Thank you, Pastor Roland. My hope is to learn to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit more and more often than I do now. He has good plans for His people. I don’t want to miss anything He has for me to learn, live, and love.
      Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

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