Forever Friends


when I’m down and out

their love comes to the rescue

my forever friends




I’m talking about friends on my other blog today; will you join me?

The Importance of Close Friends

Forever Friend Blessings ~ Wendy <3

9 thoughts on “Forever Friends

  1. This article was especially meaningful to me today; thanks. Jesus being my friend who sticks closer than a brother has always been my favorite. Even when human friendships occasionally hit bumps in the road, Jesus’ constant comfort, forgiveness, correction and friendship never fails. When a human friendship hits a bump or a misunderstanding or hurt occurs, then you find out whether that person was really a forever friend or not, whether that person is willing to forgive, or willing to repent if needed. I look forward to that day in eternity when all believers will be in perfection, sinless, and there will be no more relationship hurts. I will be so enamored with walking in fellowship with God/Jesus that any past squabbles with people, especially with other believers, will seem so silly. Thanks for sharing your talents to the glory of God Wendy.

    1. Thank you, dear Beth, for your kind words. I’m also looking forward to the perfect fellowship on the other side of Heaven’s gate. In the meantime I’m enjoying the glimpses of His glory I see in many of those around me. Those who’ve forgiven me the most and yet loved me the most remind me of Jesus more than anyone else can. Amazing grace.

  2. I don’t have that many friends, I mean, not over the internet, but in reality. A few come from childhood and all are very far away. I admire how people can find so much trust in things which nobody ever has seen or witnessed, I mean physically. I believe in God, and Universal energetic power, but I am sort of too much tied to reality. I leave it up to whatever. We don’t know what we don’t, but it is amazing how strong your belief can be. How happy are people who can really leave everything up to him to decide. I hope too, it’s not going to be something bad, but I am very sure we are here only once in the way we are. Your articles are very soothing, they sort of touch one’s head as if mother’s hand before bedtime.

    1. Thank you, dear Inese. When Jesus was on the earth, He said that if we have seen Him then we have seen the Father (God). All that I read about Jesus in the Bible spells out a gracious and compassionate God. Sadly many religious people are anything but that. But I love how Jesus Christ treated women, children, and men. He says we’re equal, and He died for our sin and rose again so that we can be with Him in paradise. Nature/creation reveals an Artist God that I’m looking forward to spending forever with. Your words “mother’s hand before bedtime” remind me of the comfort the Holy Spirit gives us. Blessings, friend. <3

  3. Dear Wendy,
    Your blogs are so eloquent and I enjoy them immensely. What I love to do for my friends is to share my writing with them. So to you dear friend, as new as you are, Here is something I share:
    TOMORROW by Joan Allen Pfeiffer

    Tomorrow is in the Lord’s hands,
    His blessings, unforeseen.

    Yesterday is behind us,
    With heavenly gifts we gleaned.

    Today He lives within us
    A song in our hearts we sing.

    But everyday, my brother,
    His love to you He’ll bring.

    1. Thank you for the lovely poem, Joan. It’s wise and rewarding to focus on the truth that”Today He lives within us”. It’s nice to meet you through your lovely words and blog.

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