Good Neighbours Share More than Just a Cup of Sugar


embracing silence

listening to your story

I enter your world



Today on my other blog I’m talking about how to be a better listener.

But before I share a link to it, I’d love to introduce you to Cynthia Reyes, a Canadian author/blogger friend, who writes poignant and captivating memoir.

I read her first one last year (A Good Home) and now I’m enjoying her second book (An Honest House) that came out this week.

Here’s the link to her blog:

An Honest House/Cynthia Reyes

And by the way, she’s a wonderful blog neighbour to have. We share a love of character homes, gardens, poetry, and memoir. And occasionally we’ve both been caught using “eh?” as part of our vocabulary. Her from-the-heart writing always hooks me–I can see why she’s won journalism awards.


And here’s the link for my post about being a better listener: Nine Good Habits to Make You a Great Listener


Good Neighbour Blessings ~ Wendy

15 thoughts on “Good Neighbours Share More than Just a Cup of Sugar

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I finished reading part one last night–awesome. I wanted to keep going, but I forced myself to turn out my bedside light. 🙂 Your honest writing is so refreshing and much needed so others will know they’re not alone. My admiration for you continues to grow the more I get to know you, dear friend. ❤

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