The Unfading Beauty


Her gentle nature

blooming like the wildflowers

undemanding love



Your beauty should be…

the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit…

1 Peter 3:3-4




I learned the hard way how important it is to adorn oneself with a gentle and quiet spirit. They’re important ingredients for a happy marriage. If you’re curious about the story behind it, I’m blogging about this today on my other blog. Yup–I’ve even exposed some of my own dirty laundry because it helps to know you’re not alone.

Here’s the link: Love & Respect Marriage Message Part II   

Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy

8 thoughts on “The Unfading Beauty

  1. Loved both your posts this morning Wendy. They were exactly what I needed to hear this morning as I prayed for peace within myself last night in my marriage. Blessings to you!!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Rhonda. I know I’ve appreciated from the heart testimonies that have helped me walk in hope. <3 God hears, cares, and helps us in everything.

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