You Make Everything Beautiful



You Make Everything Beautiful


If only I would believe

the things that You could do through me

though flawed and cracked I may be

You’re able to use any vessel set free

You’ll pour your Light inside my soul

it matters not whether I’m yet whole

For once your plan is set to go

You’ll teach me all I need to know


And when I share what you have done

because I’ve trusted in your Son,

perhaps they’ll ask where hope comes from

and I will share that You’re the One


This broken jar now mended and full

You’ve given me Love so bountiful

and washed my heart whiter than wool

For You make everything beautiful.


Wendy ❀ 2014




 God is able to do amazing things

through ordinary people.

It may be something as simple

 as a smile or a kind word

  to encourage someone to keep walking

through their dark valley.

 And maybe they only needed to walk a few more steps

before the Light burst through.


When I get to heaven

 I know there’ll be many sweet souls I’ll be thanking,

people who reached out to me with kindness

 during my dark night of the soul.


People matter to God.

Every single one of us matters to Him.

Let’s be a vessel of His kindness

and allow His love to pour out onto others

in whatever special way He has gifted us to do. 


He hath made every thing beautiful in his time;

Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV



Do you have a story  you’d like to share

 about kindness  a stranger has shown you? 

I’d love to hear it.


Beautiful Blessings of Kindness ~ Wendy ❀




51 thoughts on “You Make Everything Beautiful

  1. “You’ll pour your Light inside my soul

    it matters not whether I’m yet whole…”
    Another awesome post, Wendy. I can so relate to that line above; we must (I must) remember that God uses broken people. If we’re waiting to be “whole” before acting in and for the name of Christ, we’ll go to our grave never doing anything for the Kingdom. We all have issues 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Bill. I agree that we shouldn’t wait for perfect conditions. Only Christ is perfect, as is his love for us. Every Bible hero had significant flaws. ❀ Your blog posts always encourage me.

  2. Wendy:

    YOU, my dear woman, are a vessel of His kindness. Thank you for writing this hopeful, inspirational message. ~ Richard ~

    1. Thank you for your kindness to me, Richard. I want to adopt you as my big brother since I already have two younger ones that live out of town. Blessings to you and Mary. ❀

  3. I’m amazed and grateful every time He finds me sufficient for some small purpose of His. God bless you and your family abundantly.

    1. I know what you mean. It’s an honor to serve the King. I think He delights to share the joy with us since I doubt He actually needs our help. ❀ Blessings dear poet friend.

      1. You’re the 2nd one I’ve heard say that this evening–that God doesn’t actually need our help. I understand that He is all-powerful and omniscient–but if He didn’t use us, the humans He created–would He then use angel power exclusively? Are they equipped to do what we do, I wonder? Please know that I’m not being argumentative, Wendy–I really would like to hear more of your thoughts. It’s not that I want credit or glory for anything I do–but it does help me to think He “needs” me a little, otherwise I don’t see that I have any purpose whatsoever for being on earth. Blessings to you as well–in Abundance!

        1. I don’t think your question is argumentative in the slightest. I’m one of those people who loves discussions and am not afraid to question the status quo (as long as it doesn’t go against Scripture).

          “And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything, because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else.” Acts 17:25

          When I ask my son or daughter to help around the house, the joy we experience is not that they did the job perfectly, but that they were willing to do it and then completed it. I don’t need my children’s help in running the household. But I know that it’s good for them and brings them joy to serve (God wants to share the joy of giving/loving/serving with us–just as we are co-heirs with Christ).

          God created us and all that is. I truly doubt He needs us. Yet I know that He loves us so much that He’d suffer the worst imaginable death to save us. And that’s exactly what Jesus did.

          I think this is one of those minor questions that doesn’t make or break our faith. If someone else can answer it and prove me wrong I’m perfectly okay with it. Debating sharpens our thinking.

          I believe that God loves us and that we need Him. ❀ If we aren’t willing to speak the words He has for us, then He could use a donkey if He so chooses (Balaam’s donkey).

          I suspect this topic isn’t as black and white as I’m making it out to be. We are his workers/friends and our prayers, faith, and obedience do make a difference. Faith pleases Him. Faith moves mountains. But the power rests in the One we have faith in–not of ourselves.

          I’ll stop rambling now. I wish we could go out for coffee together,. Hugs. ❀

          1. Oh this was really good, Wendy! Thanks so much–I see it now. I think perhaps a lot of “works centered” preachers have communicated that if “we” don’t do God’s work, it won’t get done. And then, unfortunately, that sets the stage for people taking credit/falling into pride–or condemnation–depending on the results of their efforts. “Partnering” with God sounds good from the pulpit, but it can be a slippery slope if we forget, as you noted beautifully, that ALL the Power rests in HIM–not even a little bit in our own measure of faith. It’s all about leaning into Him, and not on our own understanding–regardless of the topic, isn’t it? Thanks so much for responding.

          2. I love how you point out that it’s about leaning into Him.

            Your words remind me of Galatians 2:20 (“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”)

            Now that’s what I call leaning. I need Him every hour. Preachers are helpful and necessary; but it’s reading the bible ourselves that matters most in our personal growth and spiritual journey. I know you already do that–I’m reminding myself and others that it’s the Word of God that’s our lamp–not the words of any person.❀

          3. Yep, so right. Don’t think I’m bragging, as it’s not my intent–but since coming through my depression this past year, I’m more motivated and hungry than ever, to dig into God’s Word. So I watch my “church TV”, take notes–and then go read the reference scriptures for myself, in all the different Bible versions I have. I can’t describe how fulfilling it’s been–and exciting to have a deeper intimacy with HIM. So I am very grateful for anything–even periods of bleak fog–that lead me closer INTO Him.

            God has poured an anointing on the Bible teachers I watch/listen to–had it not been for them, I doubt I’d be where I am today. Being that I’m pretty isolated–God knew exactly where to direct me for good teaching; and then I’ve built on that–so He gives me discernment, wisdom about what to listen to, what to study more in private with Him. I’m glad that He works with, and teaches, all of us individually–according to our needs, and ways of learning, and what resources we have available. Bless you~

  4. A beautiful post about beauty. I relish the thought that God doesn’t need us and our abilities to do holy work, but lets us be part of the work, so we revel in God’s beautiful deeds without having to fret about it!

    1. Thank you. I love the idea of not “having to fret about it”. I remember Esther was warned that God would find deliverance elsewhere if she was not willing to obey. That’s a sobering thought if we’re tempted to revel in self-importance. How generous of Him to share the good work with us. ❀

  5. “You’ll pour your Light inside my soul
    it matters not whether I’m yet whole
    For once your plan is set to go
    You’ll teach me all I need to know”

    A very good message set to rhymes, Wendy! 🙂 Nice work, and wise commentary. Have a great Sunday! Peace and luvz, UT

  6. This is a fabulous post Wendy, so full of love, hope, optimism, kindness and strength. And your second photo down is something else! They are always all beautiful but that particular one just did something for me! Your posts are especially lovely to read when I am having a bad day, thank you xx

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