You Make Everything Beautiful



You Make Everything Beautiful


If only I would believe

the things that You could do through me

though flawed and cracked I may be

You’re able to use any vessel set free

You’ll pour your Light inside my soul

it matters not whether I’m yet whole

For once your plan is set to go

You’ll teach me all I need to know


And when I share what you have done

because I’ve trusted in your Son,

perhaps they’ll ask where hope comes from

and I will share that You’re the One


This broken jar now mended and full

You’ve given me Love so bountiful

and washed my heart whiter than wool

For You make everything beautiful.


Wendy ❀ 2014




 God is able to do amazing things

through ordinary people.

It may be something as simple

 as a smile or a kind word

  to encourage someone to keep walking

through their dark valley.

 And maybe they only needed to walk a few more steps

before the Light burst through.


When I get to heaven

 I know there’ll be many sweet souls I’ll be thanking,

people who reached out to me with kindness

 during my dark night of the soul.


People matter to God.

Every single one of us matters to Him.

Let’s be a vessel of His kindness

and allow His love to pour out onto others

in whatever special way He has gifted us to do. 


He hath made every thing beautiful in his time;

Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV



Do you have a story  you’d like to share

 about kindness  a stranger has shown you? 

I’d love to hear it.


Beautiful Blessings of Kindness ~ Wendy ❀