Wild at Heart Poem



Wild at Heart


Some bloom in tidy rows

while others in secluded dales

midst starlit wilderness

with quenching rains and whipping gales



Some grow along a picket fence

while others thrive beyond split-rails

where dreams are strewn in patches wild

to rein them in does not avail



Some submit to garden paths

while others line a meandering trail

mixed with others nature’s sown

to thrive in loam of hidden vales



Some seek sheltered cottage beds

while others not deemed as frail

prefer the risk of woodland lots

exposed to drought or storm’s assail



There is no right or wrong in this

wildflowers must flourish as is or fail

for if they were created alike

this world would soon grow stiff and stale.





I have collected these wildflowers pictures

from various spots throughout our valley (including my own garden)

and was reminded of a previous post I did about wildflowers.

In the old post I talked about a son who is particularly “wild at heart.”

In today’s post I’ve summed it up in a poem.




Wild at Heart Blessings ~ Wendy ❀




Have you been especially blessed by someone who was willing to take a risk

and think outside the box?

Many of history’s great musicians, artists, and inventors were just such people.




The above Haiku was written by my teen daughter.

She wrote it in response to some old pictures

hanging on our fridge

(ones of her and her brothers when they were still shorter than me).

Since I am taking a break from greenlightlady for a few weeks,

  I’m wishing you all a happy summer. xo

(PS – I’ve added an updated version of my old about page where you can see a picture of my vegetable garden. )

(PPS – I’ve started tweeting … see bottom of page for the link. Will you join me? )

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❀ ~




109 thoughts on “Wild at Heart Poem

  1. Beautiful pictures and accompanying words; and a very nice Haiku. Looked at your new About page, and when I saw the first picture I thought ‘vegetable garden? must be a thick stalk for a very large carrot.’ Hope your posting pause is a nice one.

  2. Hello Wendy,
    I love these native flowers and your accompanying words. I hope that you enjoy an enjoyable and peaceful pause from you blog posts and look forward to your return with renewed inspiration for your poetry and images,
    Best wishes
    PS Our local Welsh National Botanic Garden is hosting a Welsh Wild Flower day for the first time in July – appreciation of native flowers over here seems to be becoming more widely recognised.

    1. Thank you, Julian! My husband and I attended a wildflower lecture many years ago, and it gave me a greater appreciation for them. It included a small field trip.

  3. I love these poems by you and your daughter. Please tell her I love the image of memories sticking to my heart.

    You asked if we had been blessed by another’s wild heart or risks…yes. In fact, my dear husband first expressed his intentions to “court” me by writing a poem. For such a methodical, scientific mind, he truly was blessed with a creative, “wild” side! He continues to take risks in his career that have allowed him to become a very skilled and adaptive surgeon. I love this combination of wisdom and wildness.

    I am writing a short story with my son about a cat with super powers. We are passing the laptop back and forth. It’s fun, and a great way to stay cool in the heat of the day.

    Many blessings to you! –Alison

  4. Can you believe there was a time I didn’t like wildflowers? One of my favorites now…my how times change as you age. You are a tweeter now…well you are putting me to shame, I haven’t moved up to that level yet…sigh. Have a great summer my friend.

  5. Love the way you describe the wildflowers in your poem! Such beautiful pictures, feel like I just took a walk in the woods. And how wonderful that your daughter also has your love of nature and your poetic gift. many blessings on your vacation Wendy! have a great one.

  6. blessed summer and thank you for the stunning words and photos celebrating the God-given beauty all around us!

  7. Indeed, wildflowers come in such wide variety of colour and context. These are happy in my flooded yard, but it looks like all the vegetables have died.
    Peace now, during and after your break

    1. I am very sorry to hear that your garden drowned. Will you be able to replant? Our first summer living in this valley the farmers had to replant their corn for that very reason.

      1. No replanting, except maybe beans. It’s not even dry yet, and our season is too short for a restart. “Small potatoes” compared to the flooding in western Canada where thousands of acres are lost to crop this year (again!)

  8. Beautiful and colorful flowers such as these are a lovely way to express ones inner joy!
    Thank you for making my day 🙂

  9. I really love your ‘wild at heart’ poem, what a brilliant title. The photos of the wild flowers look so alive, I feel as if I can smell and touch them. Your daughter is very talented too. I hope you have a great summer Wendy. See you ready for those beautiful autumnal colours. Blessings.

  10. I enjoyed this very rich posting of poem, image, and prose. The thought, effort, and love, that went into its creation, is very clear. —–Chagall

  11. I’ve just come in from my gardens. I really wanted to stay out longer but need to be in the house in case my husband called out for help. Your photos and poetry are wonderful as always and you are so right about the wildflowers. Last year my garden was so thick many of the wildflowers were buried under hardier sun seekers and it has been a real blessing to have the new blooms this year. I wasn’t able to work the ground and plant this year due to an injury and my Lord blessed me with an entirely new garden. Oh the joy. Have a wonderful time away.

  12. Thanks for following my blog. I will continue to savor your photos.
    Once, by mistake, I dug up and “lost” some wild red columbine. Sunny

  13. Lovely words and photos. There is not enough time in a single day to enjoy all of my friends. Blessings to you and yours.

    I love the color of your columbine, mine are white, though somewhere…I have seeds for yellow ones – I think.

  14. Thank you! What an enchanting poem and wonderful pictures too! I adore wildflowers in fact all things out doors! Enjoy your summer and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! Xxx

  15. Yes, we would definitely be at home in one another’s gardens, Wendy. This was a delight, and if you haven’t already linked to dVerse, it serves well for the list poem prompt. I see this was in June.

  16. Enjoy your break! Thank you for these lovely photos and thoughts. I absolutely love the haiku about the refrigerator magnets that your daughter wrote, too! Talent runs in the family. 🙂

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