Fanciful Fungi


Fanciful FUNGI








I have a few mushrooms to share with you from our place.  My daughter is quick to help me by pointing out any that I miss.  Since there are so many growing under our trees – I’ll just share some today and more on another day.   Many of my attempts turn out quite blurry 😦  … but here are ones that worked!

Blessings ~ Wendy ( Thank you, Caddo, for your inspiration to try an acrostic!)

25 thoughts on “Fanciful Fungi

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Mushrooms are easier to photograph than flowers, since they don’t sway in a breeze. But I did have to get down on the ground ( I use my garden mat) to take them.
      Blessings ~ Wendy


I enjoy a word in season, so I'd love it if you added an apple to the bowl.

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