White Feathered Music


White Feathered Music


Trumpet notes sound across November sky

announcing the arrival of the swans

White feathered music falls gentle as snow

As trumpeters circle over a pond

Their luminous beauty graces the gray

as living snowflakes on a barren field

My heavy heart lifts at swans’ haunting calls

revelling in how their songs makes me feel

I marvel upon such autumnal flight

It signals that all is not lost on earth

As wars and hate fuel the dropping of bombs

Yet fair feathers fan hope for peace to birth

Soon clouds drop covering of winter wool

Hiding decay of leaves in quilt of white

as we celebrate coming “Prince of Peace”

Whose Presence banishes darkness with Light.


Blessings of Light ~ Wendy

PS – I never have a camera in my hand when the swans fly over.  On Sunday I did.  I love the song they sing.

27 thoughts on “White Feathered Music

  1. The kids and I watched what we called a tornado of birds (looked like sparrows) swarming and swooping around our backyard yesterday. They were so loud and copious, we could hear their wings beating and could hear their collective chirping from inside!

    Swans sound majestic…I’m glad you captured them in sight and poetry! And I echo your longing for our Prince of Peace!!

    1. It’s so wonderful that you got to share that moment with your children! The kids and I have collected a few bird names in our bird book from our sightings over the years. We had a bird-feeder by our old dining room window… we loved spotting new ones!
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. We don’t have swans flying over us here . ..that would be so amazing! Thank you for the blessing of this beautiful poem and photos, that helps us imagine what it must be like! God bless you!

  3. great photos! The best thing I like about the coming of winter…..is that I know God will bring the spring so that I am free to enjoy the wonder of each season! I love the photos of the leaves…..great idea!

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