Apple Pie

Apple pie aroma

wafting through

and warming up

a cool autumn day

Taste of fruitful trees

with scarlet bobs

on branches born

Must pick and not delay!

Climb, reach, grasp

Filling basket

to the top

So many more

must be picked

There’s room

So do not stop!

Time is short

The box is full

Harvest comes to end

The feast begins

Toasts are made

to Host…

to King…

and Friend!


Our sweet neighbor is unable to pick her apples.  She asks us to pick her just one box and keep the rest.  Wow!  I am a total apple lover.  We have some apple pie lovers in our house, too!  I am hoping an apple a day keeps the dentist and the doctor away.

Fruitful Blessings ~ Wendy

16 thoughts on “Apple Pie

    1. My childhood home had an apple tree in the back garden. I loved climbing it and eating its apples! The things I wanted, but did not get, I am trying to give to our children. It is so healing!

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  1. I love the poetry, Wendy–and my mouth is watering; I’m ready to grab a fork and dig into that pie!! What a blessing to have such a generous neighbor! What kind of apples are those? God bless you big today–love, Caddo

    1. Thank you, Caddo! There are three different apple trees that are quite old. All I know, about the apples, is that they are delicious in flavor! The sweetest ones remind me of the Pink Lady apples we’ve bought in the stores.

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. This was so much fun. I think I could smell them right through the screen! 🙂 And I like that thought that an apple a day might keep the doctor and dentist away. 🙂 God bless you as you toast your King! (with apple cider!)
    p.s. beautiful pie!

  3. What a lovely ode to the quintessential fall fruit. I cannot believe I haven’t made an apple pie yet. I have a bag full of honeycrisps from my favorite orchard, and it’s supposed to be chilly tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll get the baking bug! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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