Delightful Orange Flora

Orange is such a positive color.

It reminds me of pumpkins, oranges, and apricots.

It is both a summer and autumn paint.

Creamsicles followed by harvested squash and freshly dug carrots.

Wait – I have orange tulips!  So let’s add spring to orange’s resume.  The deer got at these one year and it took the tulips two years to recover…

Now that I think of it… orange is a winter color, too.  Mandarin oranges in Christmas stockings.  How could I forget?

Orange is looking even better than when I started this silly post.

Orange you glad I’m posting about it?

Besides, I had to figure out a way of including these rather flashy flowers in a blog…

It’s October and it is the first one in a long time that I don’t have a homegrown pumpkin.

Now that you feel sorry for me, you’ll forgive me for that orange pun…

I planted some and they had lovely blossoms.

Next year I will just have to do the bee thing myself!

That’s how I got last year’s…

The bees had a good excuse then, since my pumpkin plant was in the greenhouse.

I won’t give up.  My veins have some feisty Russian blood in them!

Which reminds me – I sure hope the Canadian government continues to guard our sovereignty in the Arctic…

Our national anthem includes:  ” God keep our land glorious and free!”

It’s God that will really do it!

Freedom Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – Now I’m in the bad books again.  This time for mixing religion and politics…

8 thoughts on “Delightful Orange Flora

  1. I love orange! It is fitting that I live in Florida…I should snap a picture sometime of the long trucks full to the top with freshly picked oranges! I can’t believe how many there are as truck after truck drives by. Once again, your pictures and comments have led me on a virtual, reflective stroll through your garden. As I read so much about our nation’s election coming up, it is so refreshing to refocus on the supremacy, glory, and beauty of God! –Alison

    1. I have never eaten an orange fresh off a tree. It must have an awesome taste!

      My heart goes out to you and other Americans. Election time is potentially a very stressful season to go through and I was so relieved when our last one was over. Although I have not been following USA politics closely, I sure get the impression it is a tough call…may God’s will be done – however that looks to be.

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. I loved your orange post!! You are wise and wonderful and those pics were so delightful to see! Sorry about your pumpkins. 🙁 We’ve been going to this little apple orchard, the only one in our area that wasn’t totally wiped out by the spring freeze . .that I forgot about with all the heat of summer. They have pumpkins too , a whole big stretch of them. So awesome to see the orange out in the middle of some fields that have already been harvested. Only the gentleman there told me they would mostly go to waste and be plowed under. It reminded me about the harvest being plenty but the laborers few. God bless you and yours!!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. Your comment about the laborers being few reminds me of a poem in my draft box which I will post next… Are you going to make a pumpkin pie?

      Blessings ~ Wendy

      1. You know, I just got apples from them, but not pumpkins! But they looked so beautiful out there in the field .. .and I felt bad that they would go to waste. Need to send you some!!! haha!

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