The Spider Wrap!

Shadows can be really creepy!  Sometimes even more creepy than the actual subject causing them…

While chasing a dragonfly, with my camera, I came across these two friends/foes?

I was not sure if I was witnessing courtship or a battlefield…

I guess, in some relationships, there is not much difference.

What are these two up to? Should I give them some privacy?  Will I need to change the rating on my blog?

I remember reading that a male spider must approach the female very gingerly. If he does not do everything just right… death comes unexpectedly!

Now, that is motivation for having a slow hand; an easy touch; and a no-rush policy.

After a few minutes they seem to tire of one another and went their separate ways. So I went off in the direction the dragonfly had gone…

When I had finished finding and photographing a rather cooperative dragonfly, ( to be seen in a future post), I went back to check on the “couple”.  But there appeared to be only one spider remaining…

What, or who, is she wrapping up?

It looks like dinner, alright!

Oh dear!  Mr. Spider is a goner… and I’ll never know if he got it right?

She doesn’t even care!

This is one spider whose substance is scarier than her shadow!

Well, the Bible says that a husband is to be willing to give his life for his wife, as Christ did for the church… I’d say that men still have it pretty good compared to Mr. Spider.

Besides, I know that most men have the desire to do this, and consider it an honor and a privilege to sacrifice for others… that’s why we have freedom in North America.  God bless you!

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…”  Ephesians 5:25

With respect ~ Wendy

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  1. Whoa – quite the goings on in your neck of the woods! 🙂 I’m glad I don’t need to keep up with the ‘Jones’ of the spider world. I’ll stick to being thankful, and leave the wrapping up of husbands to the arachnids! 🙂 Cute little lesson.

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