A Morning Masterpiece

Today’s debut

illuminating the horizon

A virgin canvas

awaits an artist’s meditations

Each brush stroke

submitting portions

from its palette

Tinges of thankfulness

blended with hope

Smudged by trials

Dabbed with courage

Choices creating perspective

A portrait

of one’s day…

unique and unequaled

Standing back

to reflect upon

a completed work

Grace and love

superseding shadows

Creating a contrast

A marriage –

of dark and Light

Celebrating a commencement:

The Spirit of Love


within the painter.


I have been writing poetry since grade school; however, it is only this year that I have began to share it publicly.  This one was written in the early morning hours, before our busy home was astir.  The daisies, pictured here, are from my own garden.

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Blessings ~ Wendy

21 thoughts on “A Morning Masterpiece

  1. Your poetry is so expressive, colorful and filled with emotions, your pictures are always the perfect compliment!! This was a balm for my heart today, Wendy, thank you! God bless you!!

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