Tsolum River Walk

It’s not very often I can walk with our oldest son on a nature trail. Normally he is just way too fast for me and I don’t want to slow him down. He is very thoughtful and will wait patiently for me.

But this week his knee was bothering him, but he still wanted to go for a walk in the woods.  It is what gives him the most joy in life besides music.

So, my husband and I went with him to a local park one evening.  My son had suggested I bring my camera.  Yeah!  Permission to click away to my heart’s content…

Our other two children chose to stay at home this time.

It brought back memories – walking just the three of us.  When our oldest was a toddler he was already showing his love of nature. ( He warned me not to get any closer to the nest on the tree in this photo…  I guess his rock hurling days are over – thankfully!)

We’d be simply walking the driveway of our former acreage and it would take us forever as he examined and scrutinized every rock, stick, and leaf along the way.

Now, here we are with our son waiting as I enthusiastically capture every rock, stick, and leaf with the camera lens.  The table’s turned.

I am embarrassed to admit that he is more gracious than I usually was… He loves his camera, too, and so he understands how my moccasins feel.

On the way back to our vehicle the tables turned again as I took fewer pictures and needed to wait for our hobbling son.

He has had surgery once on this knee and his recent hike up and down a local mountain seems to have aggravated it.  We may need to visit that specialist again…

I may need to visit the specialist, too, if my hip doesn’t settle down!

At least, living in Canada, I won’t have to mortgage our house to do it… but we do try to limit our use of the medical system to only necessary visits.  I tend to take this a bit too far concerning my own health.  An ostrich comes to mind.

Perhaps I should reverse the tables again and take the advice I often say to our kids:  “A wise man doesn’t take unnecessary risks.”

Well,  I can take some credit for staying on my side of the fence for this picture. I don’t delight in risk taking!

Delighting in the Lord ~ Wendy

11 thoughts on “Tsolum River Walk

  1. What a beautiful place to live! I grew up in Connecticut, so I miss hills, rounded mountains, acres of trees, changes of seasons. Pictures like yours enable to me to enjoy those things again from afar. Of course, white sandy beaches, thousands of unique seashells, and the blue-green rainbow of the Gulf of Mexico aren’t anything to sneeze at, either! I love walking with my little ones, and I hope that continues as they grow!

    1. Can I come for a walk at your place and see the blue-green rainbow? Makes me wonder what heaven will look like… If you’re walking with your kids while they are little, then they’ll more than likely be walkers for life. It’s a great activity to pass on.
      ~ Wendy

      1. South FL is definitely a fantastic place to visit (and live, in my opinion)! The colors in the Gulf of Mexico are breathtaking; I realized after we moved where I’d gotten the inspiration for the colors in our living room and bedroom–cool blues, light sandy tans…I love telling the kids that heaven is so much better than anything we know–it’s such an amazing thought. I also think walking is for life–I walked with my mom and dad, and also began running with my dad, growing up, and walking with my mom is still one of my favorite things to do with her!

  2. Hi Wendy! You have Fabulous photos here–and I’m giving myself a much-deserved treat and “following” you. Enjoy God’s extravagance today! love, Caddo

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