Scarlet Fever!

Hide n’ seek!

On my way to take a picture of a flower, in my daughter’s rock garden, I caught Scarlet Fever!  It’s not the dreaded fever; but the kind of over-the-top fascination with something. The bees started it.

You see, all summer I have been chasing those fuzzy winged critters! Just when I had peace that it was as good as it was going to get… Scarlet Fever struck!

I have never seen so many bees in one spot before.  Except you know where… I have no interest in a close-up of a beehive.  The only honey I want is the kind with no hummers in sight.

But it wasn’t just the abundance of bees that amazed me: They were so completely transfixed!

They only had eyes for the scarlet runner bean flowers; and they didn’t even budge when I came up really close…so close that I stuck my camera lens into their busy little faces.

They just didn’t care.  Wow!  Usually they get all moody and storm off. Kinda reminds me of a particular age group – but I don’t want to digress into gossip…

But it wasn’t just their tolerance of me that left me stupefied.  They were not in a hurry.  I am not sure if it is because scarlet runner bean flowers are extra work or extra good?

Oh, that I would always dig into God’s word with such passion and attentiveness! Hunger prevailed, and I tore myself away to enjoy a feast of red rice, that my husband prepared for lunch.  Mom was right –  an eleven is a ten that can cook!

Ironically, the wrapping paper that covered a family Bible, Ian gave me on our honeymoon, had the following verse on it:  Taste and see that the Lord is good… Psalm 34:8a  I’m thinking that those feverish bees agree! I do.  God is good!

Recovering from Scarlet Fever,

~ Wendy

17 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever!

  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures! Love, love, love the scarlet! I can see why the bees have gone amok! And the verse you quote in the end is so fitting! Thank you for the delights and pleasures in these photos!

    1. Thanks! What’s even more amazing than the bees love of them …is that all 3 of our children like runner beans when I string them and steam them. ( The beans that is…) ~ Wendy

  2. Beautiful photo’s wendy up close and personal. I love bee’s, they love me too. They’ll land on my hand and walk around until I shoo them away (I get teased about it too!) the bee’s bounty is awesome, thank you God, very much. Lovely post. 🙂

    1. You lucky duck…they don’t like me. But they do like my garden and for that I am grateful. I guess you are just extra sweet! Thanks for stopping by. ~ Wendy

      1. Thanks, actually that’s one of the family jokes re: the bee’s, sigh, better friendly than not I suppose! And what an excellent thing for your flower garden! It’s my pleasure visiting you!

  3. Love, love, love this! The pictures are beautiful and what skill to catch the bees. Then to connect to the Word in such a wonderful inspired way.. I enjoy my visits here. And that is why I also want to nominate you for the illuminating Blogger Award. Illuminate, light, from the Word and from creation itself. Please, follow this link for the award: If you choose to accept any of these awards, I would be most honored. God bless!

  4. What an opportunity – you saw it and grabbed it – and got some very lovely shots in the process. Hmmmm – another life lesson lurking in the scarlet, perhaps? 🙂 Nice post.

  5. A refreshing word and I could almost smell the flowers and hear the bees through the beauty of your pictures! God’s gift of creation truly is a wonderful thing to behold!

    Blessings! ♥

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