My Special Announcement: “Walking with Hope” Podcast


In the past, autumn has often been a season of loss for me; however, this fall has turned out to be a season of abundant harvest. I’ve received encouragement to pursue my passion for inspirational writing and speaking. God also seems to be pointing me toward memoir writing (which I love… but it’s so very humbling). I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read my post about this, but it won an award this fall from InScribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship, which is a Canadian writing organization I belong to and am blessed to write a small column for. Here’s a link to the post: Better is One Book in God’s Library than Thousands Elsewhere




Another exciting thing I want to share with you is that I’ve been welcomed as a regular podcast contributor to HopeStreamRadio. It’s a Christian Internet Radio Station whose goal is to glorify God and encourage believers across the globe. Their desire speaks my heart’s passion too. I’ve been an avid fan of Christian radio programming for most of my life, and I’m thrilled and honored to now be part of this wonderful ministry. By the way, my first post will help you understand what I meant by “so very humbling”.

Here’s a hint: Christ’s Light converts cracked pots into lamps.

Believe me, the more you learn about me—the more cracks you’ll see. But I pray His glorious Light becomes the focus—and not the crackpot. 🙂


Here’s a link (that opens in a new window) to my very first podcast where you can also find a menu for other producers, the history of HopeStreamRadio, etc. I’ve been enjoying this station while I use my exercise equipment and while I work on art projects. I hope you’re able to listen in on Tuesdays for my “Walking with Hope” program. I’ve discovered some wonderful podcasts to listen to, and I especially like hearing live-stream radio online. A new podcast of mine will be posted there each Tuesday.

Let me know what you think (I’d love it if you clicked on their share buttons too). Are you already familiar with HopeStreamRadio? They have lovely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages too.

Rescued from the Deep

I was drowning

And He saved me

I was hopeless

And He gave me hope

I was falling into darkness

And He rescued me

With the loving Words

 He spoke.

Wendy / 2016


Walking with Hope Blessings ~ Wendy <3

P.S. Let me know what you think.

Here’s the link: Walking with Hope

P.S. While washing my dishes, I got distracted by the view out the window. So I grabbed my camera and took some shots of sunlight twinkling on the drenched rose hips in my garden. I hope you’re also enjoying autumn (or spring) where you live.