Gentle Giant Awakens


Gentle Giant Awakens


Gunnera manicata awakens

like a slow volcano

not arousing any suspicion

of just how big you’ll be

Top gun of my garden

every summer

you amaze me

Though you sleep

so soundly

like a gentle giant

in winter’s slumber land

You spring forth

as earth warms

soaking up April showers

as air fills a balloon

Reaching higher

until you’re aloft

dwarfing all others

But tonight

heavy frost threatens

So I cut you down

stalk by stalk

Covering you

with blankets

made from

your expansive wings

Sleep gentle giant

until your volcano

erupts again

in spring!


When we bought our old house from a lady who had lived here and raised her children here for over 23 years, she advised me to cover up the Gunnera every fall.  So I do.  She lowered the price on this house, for us, once she realized that we loved the garden and would care for it. Developers have been very busy in our neighborhood ripping out trees and putting up more new homes. Not on our place, though.  Not while I’m still awake…

Giant Blessings ~ Wendy

Thank you, Lord, for letting us enjoy this garden.