Gentle Giant Awakens


Gentle Giant Awakens


Gunnera manicata awakens

like a slow volcano

not arousing any suspicion

of just how big you’ll be

Top gun of my garden

every summer

you amaze me

Though you sleep

so soundly

like a gentle giant

in winter’s slumber land

You spring forth

as earth warms

soaking up April showers

as air fills a balloon

Reaching higher

until you’re aloft

dwarfing all others

But tonight

heavy frost threatens

So I cut you down

stalk by stalk

Covering you

with blankets

made from

your expansive wings

Sleep gentle giant

until your volcano

erupts again

in spring!


When we bought our old house from a lady who had lived here and raised her children here for over 23 years, she advised me to cover up the Gunnera every fall.  So I do.  She lowered the price on this house, for us, once she realized that we loved the garden and would care for it. Developers have been very busy in our neighborhood ripping out trees and putting up more new homes. Not on our place, though.  Not while I’m still awake…

Giant Blessings ~ Wendy

Thank you, Lord, for letting us enjoy this garden.

22 thoughts on “Gentle Giant Awakens

    1. It is sad to do, but otherwise it is left too vulnerable to the weather. The previous owner said she lost another one that used to be here. I’ve noticed that the city cuts theirs down , too, and covers them.
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  1. Ah, you are blessed! Can we deny a master Creator with the evidence of His creation around us? Who among us can do this? I love the way you capture the beauty with your eye and photos. You are His child.

    1. Thank you. I love sharing our place. We fell in love with it before even getting inside the house. The house is rather humble inside, but it was the garden that grabbed our hearts.
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. My Mother (she has an apartment in our house) and I tend toward a natural garden rather than sculpted, though those are beautiful in their own way. Where I live the biggest I can grow is Elephant Ears, which really did well this year so next year when they get planted we will give them more room. My wife is not a gardener, but has taken on looking after the lawn on our big lot here in town.Our oldest Grandson has taken to gardening, but his Daddy likes it, too. Just glad you commented on a blog I follow and so I found you. Wonderful tribute to Creator.

    1. I am glad to have found your blog, too! Thanks for visiting so that I could. Our favorite part of our garden is our woodland area where leaves and twigs fall and remain. I simply break up fallen branches and leave them there to add to the earth. It is a peaceful spot! Unpretentious and natural.
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Our neighborhood is seeing a lot of new construction as well…our entire community abuts a preserve. We have seen so much wildlife in our backyard, and I am glad that at least the preserve area will not fill up with more houses. One of our favorite things about our house is that we are on a cul-de-sac, and our pie-shaped lot looks even larger because of the community land that leads out to the “lake” behind many of the houses. It’s a cookie cutter neighborhood in Suburbia, but having that much grass behind us, and the lake (where our son loves to fish), as well as the preserve to view from our upstairs windows all make us feel a little more connected to nature. As a non-green thumbed person, I love learning about different plants and flowers from gardeners like yourself, and as a fellow God-loving person, I love reading the bits you glean from what you see that point back to our Creator.
    We have maybe a week’s worth of nights that bring frost down here, and we make sure to snuggle up our little trees and bushes that aren’t used to chilly temperatures!

      1. “Our” lake is pretty neat–there are condos on the other side, but in the water are many fish, a handful of gators, flocks of ibis on the banks, and many other varieties of birds. I’ve also seen deer run by, snakes, armadillos, squirrels, and even a bald eagle once. We have a video of L. holding up the biggest fish he ever caught…what a proud, joyful smile he had. I’m glad we are making such good memories here as a family. God has led us to a good place.

        1. I’ve never seen a real live alligator in person. How big are the ones you have there? A neighbor boy tricked me, when I was four, into believing they were in our local creek. I was terrified! He was not my favorite neighbor… 😉

  4. There was something so beautiful about this, how you cover the plant with it’s own leaves! Really blessed me, Wendy! Thank you and God bless you!

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