The Pilgrim’s Progress for Writers #amwriting

The Pilgrim's Progress for Writers #amwriting

The word progress reminds me of the classic: The Pilgrim’s Progress. And my-oh-my does that book of faith ever apply to the writing life too. We need to keep our feet on the writing road if we hope to be published. There are some unfriendly giants along the way who want to discourage us and stop us from progressing with the words God’s placed on our hearts to write, edit, and share.

Progress only happens when we keep taking one small step at a time. We mustn’t despise smallness. For small steps can reap huge progress when we’re faithful.

The Pilgrim's Progress for Writers #amwriting


Writing is one place where slow and steady absolutely fills each page. Words wielded one at a time add up.

Progress may be slow, but God knows the way we should go to make a wonderful difference in the world. When we keep working on our craft, God is given permission to open publishing doors we never dared to dream. Even an article published in a magazine can bless others abundantly above what we imagined—because we showed up and shared what God impressed upon our writerly heart.


(P.S. While writing this I remembered I forgot to thank The Upper Room Magazine for forwarding a note from a reader who was encouraged by my latest article published by them. Oops. Now off I go to compose and send an email.)


We mustn’t despise smallness
For huge things can be done
One small step after another
Under the moon, stars, and sun


We mustn’t despise slowness
For steady steps win the race
One faithful day at a time
With the blessing of God’s grace.

~ wlm


Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 NIV


Pilgrim’s Progress Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

I’m nosy-to-know what writing craft book has blessed you the most?

P.S. I fired off a thank you email and was blessed again by a kind reply. Kindness begets kindness. <3

I’ve written this post in response to a Five Minute Friday prompt. You’re welcome to join in too via this link: Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress for Writers #amwriting

9 thoughts on “The Pilgrim’s Progress for Writers #amwriting

  1. Thank you for this reminder. Too often one can get discouraged at not writing enough but “slow and steady absolutely fills the page”.

    1. Nice to meet you, dear Wemi.
      Yes, slow and steady steps brings progress. I was stalling yesterday regarding an edit I needed to work on. I told myself to just show up. I opened the Word doc and next thing I knew it was time for me to hang out my laundry. I had no idea I had it in me that morning to get any editing done. A small step is better than a stagnant stall. Blessings as you keep showing up for “work.”

      1. Nice to meet you too Wendy. Yes, often I think I’ll just quickly note some things down for a few mins and before I know it, I’ve been writing for half an hour!

  2. I was a newspaper columnist (religion) for seven years until the local clergy mounted a campaign lasting years to have me bumped, I assume because I wrote about spirituality and against institutional religion. They wanted to censor my writing. Then I took up blogging and now I am read in three dozen countries around the world! The irony of God is breath-taking. I confess clearly that I never thought a public humiliation would lead to such an adventure! As the Book of Revelation repeats 7 times, God calls us to “patient endurance” – never give up, never give in.

    1. It sounds like you developed the thick skin that’s required for those who hope to stick to this gig called writing. I’m finding “patient endurance” is absolutely required for the writing life too.
      I’m glad God used your situation for good in your life. There are a lot of people who crave spirituality over institutional religion these days.
      I’m grateful for the Word being faithfully preached at my church; however, I’m even more grateful I enjoy reading the Word for myself. I enjoy my relationship with God. If anyone should cause me to lose that joy, I’ll be outta that party in a second. 🙂

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