Let’s Wash our Hands #Prolife

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

I knelt on the damp grass and leaned my elbows on the ground, not caring if my coat and hiking pants got dirty. Photography is one of my passions. Writing is too. In this post I’m combining these two passions with a third one I have already written about before: #Prolife. I hadn’t planned on writing another blog post this week, but COVID-19 stirred up something in me I couldn’t suppress.


I’m grieved by the global hypocrisy hammering our eardrums.

While I photographed groups of daffodils, clusters of daisies, and bunches of other lovely spring flowers, indignation welled up inside me. You see, I’m watching young people around me struggle not to go crazy with boredom and concern while the world shuts down to protect the vulnerable—especially to protect the elderly.

I recently told one of my young sons not to stay home from his job for my sake. I told him I’ve lived for almost 6 decades and that’s plenty. But he got laid off from his job the next day because his boss is a considerate man who doesn’t want the blood of the elderly on his hands. My son believes it was the best thing to do too. I’m proud of both of them.

The young are being begged to consider the old. They’re shamed if they don’t.

The same young people who find it hard to find jobs that pay the same benefits the older generations have sopped up for years are being asked to stay home to protect the elderly (us). The same young people who struggle to grab affordable homes to rent—never mind buy—because the bulk of housing equity is held by their elders (us), are being asked to potentially lose their jobs in order to protect us.

While many elderly people cruised their way into and during retirement, the younger generations are wondering if they’ll ever taste retirement—never mind a cruise.

But I have a question for the older generations (myself included) who are now hoping the younger generations stay home and stay safe so that they (myself included) will be kept safe: Where were you when abortions were legalized?

Where Were We?

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

The Worldometer not only shows where COVID-19 is present, it shows how many have it, have died from it, and have beaten it. But while the world clicks on this site, there’s another site that is rolling out a humongous number of deaths daily, hourly, and by the second. The number of abortions happening on the globe is a far greater pandemic that COVID-19. (Globally, about 125,000 abortions are performed each day.)

So, while Greta Thunberg is wondering why the world didn’t take global warming as seriously as it is taking the COVID-19 crisis, I’m wondering where everyone is burying their heads while the unborn are being slaughtered.

I didn’t enjoy my time in the park taking these pictures because, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the unborn off my mind. It was as though their voices cried from their graves and begged me to notice the hypocrisy all around me—and in me.

  • How come I haven’t written about abortion and #Prolife more often?
  • How come I’ve listened to the COVID-19 news reports daily, but I rarely read the #Prolife news?

Do We Deserve this Pandemic?

  • I’m wondering if perhaps every single one of us who is old enough to say or do something about the atrocious number of abortions happening across our globe deserves this crisis.
  • Maybe we’ve earned every single second of fear washing over us.

God have mercy on us.

God have mercy on the neglectful older generations. We’re guilty of not speaking up enough for the unborn lives snuffed out each day since abortion was legalized.

Where were you when abortion was legalized?

Where are we now?

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com


Wash Your Hands

I doubt it’s a coincidence I stumbled upon this verse on the morning I wrote the first draft of this post:

Your hands are full of blood; wash and make yourselves clean. Isaiah 1:15-16 NIV

Yeah, lately we’re being told, “Wash your hands.” A. Lot. In the meantime, they’re bloody with the lives of so many little ones. (I hope no one tells me I don’t have any idea how difficult it is to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, because if I shared all the details of what my family went through over the last couple of years, that person would need to chomp their tongue.)

Yes, saying yes to life is going to cost a person a lot more than they bargained for. But what good does it do for a person to preserve their free time for cruises and retirement hobbies while they lose their own soul?

In the meantime, I’m praying COVID-19 doesn’t kill us all off, but brings us to repentance and revival so more unborn lives will be spared from the slaughter. Because when I heard about a crematorium in Europe being too overwhelmed to take any more dead adults, I thought about the piles of unborn babies who are being disposed of daily across this pathetic planet.

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

Yes, I’m Still Grieved

I could have been one of those women who now regrets having an abortion, because no one in my circle bothered to speak up for the unborn. I didn’t hear anything #Prolife until I joined a Bible study group when I was 21.

Thankfully, infertility protected me and my potential offspring from the knife of an abortionist while I didn’t know any better.

Are you also grieved by the hypocrisy?

Speak while you can, because there’s a lot less young people watching out for us than there would have been if we had spoken up more for the unborn.


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

And yeah, I know, this isn’t a pretty nor a politically correct post. I’m just so tired of small talk when there’s so much big stuff happening all around us. By the way, I agree with the good things the world is trying to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I don’t believe we should sacrifice the elderly for the sake of the economy.


Two wrongs still don’t make a right. Just because the elderly (myself included) largely neglected the unborn doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect the old people (I’m 59, so this includes me).

My point is to draw everyone’s attention to the hypocrisy we’re ALL guilty of.

Please note this isn’t a just a religious rant. There are secular #Prolife organizations too. Good on them. They give me hope for humanity.

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

Let’s Wash Our Hands

Let’s wash our hands from hypocrisy
And use them to save lives
Of the unborn and the elderly
For none should be despised
Let’s wash our hands of complacency
And use them to protect lives
Of all the most vulnerable
For we’re accountable in God’s eyes.
~ wlm

#Prolife blessings from conception to death ~ Wendy Mac

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Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

50 thoughts on “Let’s Wash our Hands #Prolife

  1. Wendy, thank you for this. Amen. I am repenting with you and asking God to remind me to pray daily for women standing before a life and death choice. I am also reminded of a horrendous story I read of a little baby born to two drug addicts. He was found in absolutely horrendous circumstances and ended up being adopted. The adoptive family ended up releasing him into state care after years of excruciating things unfolding. The little boy did things that are so despicable and unimaginable. He had absolutely no social connections or conscience it seems: he was incapable of feeling. It brought another side to the story: the need for us as a society to also step in when we see things that are so abusive and neglectful unfolding with little children.

    My Mum started out as a high school teacher, but became a preschool teacher and then a counselor to mothers: because she saw how very crucial those formative years are and how desperately some parents need godly role models and people to come alongside them: not to judge them but to love them into loving their children. She touched so many families.

    Oh may God forgive us for not coming alongside people who are in such need also. May He show us how to value life in such a visible way that it becomes infectious to others: that they too would not be able to even consider taking a life OR abusing and neglecting it.

    Thank you for being someone who values life, for speaking up to lead us all to repentance. God bless you and your family, Wendy. May He make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

    1. Dear Anna, I couldn’t agree more with every single one of your words. Yes, neglect and abuse must be reported. It takes courage to do this. Sometimes poorly behaved parents just need some extra help to jump over the hurdle that was probably passed down to them by their own biological parents. Some of the sad outcomes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are often lack of remorse and poor impulse control. These damaged people often experience unplanned pregnancies. Such a troubled world we live in. Thank God He cares and is capable of handling this planet.
      Legally, witnesses of neglect or abuse are required to speak up. Children need adults to act like adults.
      May God grant us courage. And may He grant judges and social workers wisdom. And may He grant all of us serenity when we’ve done all that we can do. <3

  2. Thank you so much for your words, dear Wendy. Your heart for God’s Truth is so evident and much needed. I am praying for revival … Let’s continue to do work He leads us to … “while it is still day for the night is coming when no man can work”
    Blessings to you, my friend!

    1. Thank you, dear Heidi. Sometimes I wish I was led to write on lighter topics instead. But one of my sons was proud of me this morning when I told him I canceled my post and then felt cowardly, so I rescheduled it instead.
      Yes, “while it is still day” we must all be brave.
      Hugs. <3

  3. Thank you, Wendy. I have wept with women who have had abortions. It does something to their soul. Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell them that when they go in for their “simple” procedure.

    There is a battle going on in Texas right now between their governor and Planned Parenthood. He wants to temporarily shut them down so their supplies can be used on the front lines for the pandemic. They brought a lawsuit arguing abortions are a necessity. So even more will die in the process of killing babies. (As if that isn’t horrible enough.) The ugly truth is the abortion providers make a lot of money. They claim to be concerned for women, but it is only their own pocketbook.

    Many times I have thought about the innocents that are dying. God sees, God is taking notice, God weeps. Thank you for the reminder that we need to find ways to take action. May God bring repentance and mercy.

    1. Thank you, dear Karen. I read an article about a former Planned Parenthood worker who quit after realizing many women grieve for having killed their babies. She was one herself. I feel compassion for the women who felt trapped into abortion. I feel pity for the abortionists who will one day face God. It’s wonderful to hear of former abortionists who have seen the light and now share the truth of what happens in the clinics. God’s mercy and grace are amazing. <3

      1. You may be referring to Abbie Johnson. The movie “Unplanned” was about her transformation from abortion mill director to prolife activist. Every TV network but one refused to air ads for the film, and it was rated “R” for “disturbing images” – possibly in the hope that Christians would not go to an R-rated movie. (It did very well, anyway.)

    1. Thank you, Damon. This is always a hard topic to write about. So much pain out there. So many broken hearts. But God. He longs to gather the hurt into His arms. Forgiveness is free for those willing to repent.

  4. Wendy all life is sacred. I too am older and to be honest i am praying desperately and hard for the safety of younger people… They are equally at risk to this virus.. And also it comes to me a lot nowadays that the Lord Jesus was himself a young man most likely so were the disciples… This world needs its young people… It needs people to stand up the innocent and I am afraid, to me at least it does need to examine its heart and conscience far more than it is willing to do. Perhaps our of all this good will come.

    1. So many public schools now are focusing on “self-esteem.” The idea of repentance (a.k.a. “guilt”) is considered a mental disorder. But there can be no salvation when people don’t see what they need top be saved FROM. Maybe there needs to be more open repentance from our (older) generation. What other role models do they have?

      1. Yes, the words sin and repentance seem to be neglected in many books, conversations, and pulpits. Grace still requires soil to be tilled by repentance of sins before salvation can be sown. John the Baptist’s words, “Repent and be baptized,” weren’t a fad, they were words of faith.

  5. I loved this. So much fresh insight that I hadn’t thought about. The young people that are already having a hard time now being put in an even more difficult situation. It’s really sad but I have to believe that there are going to be some lasting changes that come about as a result of all of this. I don’t know what those changes will be but hopefully they’ll be for the good. As far as abortions, I couldn’t agree more. I think God is just disgusted and fed up and is trying to do everything He can to get our attention – to warn us. If we’re honest with ourselves, it could be much MUCH worse. Imagine if it were Ebola going around instead of COVID-19. Just the thought of it terrifies me. I seriously remember thinking that the end was just ahead when that outbreak happened. So hopefully we will take heed to His warning and “humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways” because that’s what He wants. That is the cure. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. Thank you, dear Tausha. I know God can use even the bad things that happen for good. This always gives me hope not to allow myself to be overwhelmed to despair.
      Amen to humbling ourselves and praying. My proneness to wander brings me to my knees aplenty. 🙂

  6. Thank you for these weeping words, Wendy. I am tapping into these tears here too. #Everylifematters is a hashtag that God has put on my heart lately, but He is taking it so much deeper. I remember weeping over the horror of abortion when I was a teenager, and the law had just been passed. But over the years, we’ve allowed our hearts to be glazed over by the sheer volume of it all. But God continues to weep. Oh, may I let Him move my heart to pray more deeply again.

    1. Thank you, dear Bettie. I was one of the teenagers that would have had an abortion because I believed the lie about the unborn just being “products of conception.” I’m grateful my infertility spared me that regret.
      Jesus was hated for speaking truth. We’re to walk in His steps. This comforts me when stones are cast my way. Hugs, my friend.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and convictions. You are a blessing to each of us, as you point us to the Lord and His truth.

    1. Appalling. Sad. And mostly unnecessary. I do believe it’s necessary in rare situations where the mother’s body is at serious risk of infection and/or dying. I’ve hugged and comforted a friend this happened to.
      Using it for birth control is appalling.

  7. Sister, Beloved Sister;
    Someone told me the other day not to apologize for what the Holy Spirit leads us to write. I have never been much of a “fan” of having to write correction or warning to anyone for I have always enjoyed encouragement and inspiration as a theme.

    Unfortunately, the Word tells us that we have to do both, when necessary, as part of our callings. This was needed. I am 67 years old Sis and I have had to ask the Lord to forgive me for not speaking up more vehemently in the past when I was younger. You truly do get to consider regrets if the Lord allows you to mature in age. It’s not fun, but I have learned, and I still have a few years on you, that even with those regrets, our Heavenly Father IS compassionate, gracious and yes, longsuffering!

    If we call upon Him for spiritual wisdom in our maturity, He is always faithful to help us learn and continue to grow, even in our later years (I haven’t stopped learning yet) and He is faithful to allow us to share what we have learned. He is so much greater and bigger than not just our problems, but even our regrets, when He is the recipient of Glory!

    This was a much needed post, do NOT apologize for it, but let God’s Word continue to be cast upon the water like bread! It WILL be life to more than you know! God Bless!

    1. Thank you, brother Roland. I know we’re called to suffer with Christ before we can share in the joy of everlasting life.
      I don’t mind being hated for the right reasons. I pray I’m not hateful while sharing what I believe I’m called to.
      I’m glad it’s okay to dust our sandals off when needed. He calls us to peace.
      I’m praying for you two each morning.
      Blessings. 🙂

  8. Wendy, I don’t think what the world needs now is another lecture from a prolife person. Honestly, the statistics of mothers that die from unsafe abortions is troubling to me too. The fact that they feel there’s no other way, and they’re willing to risk their own lives to go thru with this operation. Any loss of life is a tragedy. And that’s the point. The people you are trying to reach, the ones that had abortions, typically deal with enough guilt and shame during their whole lifetime. The problem is much bigger than this one issue. All life needs to be valued. That means war, that means people not wanting to own a gun, that means gangs and cartels not engaging in business that ends people’s lives and where money is the only God they worship. There’s so much more to this issue, the sanctity of life, and you’re just scratching the surface of this bigger problem by ranting about abortion. It’s not the only death that could be prevented. And yes, it is done to the most innocent among us. I get why people are so worked up over this. But the ferocity with which this issue is dealt with, causes bombings of abortion clinics where those inside die too, and people that you don’t even know their circumstances, you’re gettting in their face before a scary operation and telling them what they’re doing is wrong. As if you know them and their reasons. I think the whole situation is awful. We need more love and forgiveness and people leading their own lives by their own example, to be a model to others. That means love, understanding, forgiveness. A story that moved me so much, was a group of Amish people who were going to school, and were gunned down by a mentally unstable person. They forgave him! It was in the news a few years ago, as one of the many examples of mass shooting that are going on in the U.S. Wow. That story touched me in a place I didn’t even know existed in myself. That seemed so superhuman. But that’s God at work in each of us. May we all feel love and compassion towards each other. That’s what we all need. And leading by example, not lecture.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Yes, I agree that leading by example is better than a lecture.
      My intended audience is #Prolife people; hence, the hashtag in my title. This is a blog post for Christian prolifers, not a lecture for prochoicers.
      Just as not all women treat abortion as a birth control method, not all prolife people bomb clinics and get in the face of women entering those same clinics. Those actions grieve most prolifers because we understand that two wrongs never make a right.
      Almost three decades ago, my husband and I were chosen to adopt a teenager’s baby. (Here’s the link: https://wendylmacdonald.com/2012/10/19/bee-dazzling-buzz/) She didn’t want to abort it even though her mom wanted her to. Once her mother saw the daughter’s baby bump growing close to full-term, she then complained that she didn’t want her grandchild given away. Sometimes women just need someone to help them.
      I know I needed support when I accidentally got pregnant with my third child. My husband hoped we were done having babies. His bond with our third born couldn’t be stronger. There is music that wouldn’t have been composed by my daughter if my husband and I weren’t prolife.
      As far as guns are concerned, I’m glad I live in Canada. I think guns shouldn’t be readily available to the public.
      No one person can fix any or all the problems in the world. But we can encourage our little corner of it to be brave and speak life.
      My son was given the choice of what to do about his exgirlfriend’s pregnancy. She couldn’t decide. He isn’t religious, but he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life wondering what their baby would have been like. It is costing him to have chosen life, but his son is worth every single teardrop that’s been shed.
      My son told me after the fact; I wasn’t part of the decision. But he knew I would be there for them because he knows I live by grace. I love my family. No matter what.
      Love is always better than a lecture. Yes. <3

      1. beautiful stories all of them. Thank you for sharing them Wendy. I guess I would consider myself more of a prolifer too. Which is why I felt like responding to this. Perhaps because I’ve known people that have had abortions and I knew how hard it was to go thru this and also how it’s not something you can ever forget. I have compassion for them and also for those that choose to keep their babies full term. It’s beautiful that your son is raising his ex girlfriend’s child. I think it’s good to hear other’s people’s point of view, which is why I chose to share this, not to argue, but to see things from a different perspective. And also to say that all life is sacred. I feel so strongly about that.

        1. Thank you, dear Linda. Amen to “All life is sacred.” When my older sister, who has Down’s, was in the hospital due to a stroke and double pneumonia, I visited her and asked the doctor if she was getting physio for her lungs. It turned out she was being left to die. Once they realized a family member was involved, she suddenly got the same care my baby daughter got. My sister lived another 8 years and we got to see each other a couple of more times before another illness took her life. She lived far away. Her group home workers would always notify me if they needed a relative to pressure their superiors to take better care of her.
          Once I had to make a phone-call to stop a stupid idea someone had of placing her in an apartment where she wouldn’t have easy access to the outdoors. Plus, she wouldn’t have accountable staff around her, just one at a time. Not good for those who aren’t verbal. Not good at all. I’m glad my sister had caregivers who genuinely loved her. That was one prayer that absolutely got answered. They even took her to their church each Sunday. A church that turned out to be one my cousin went to. God was good to my sister. She loved music and nature.
          Yes, all lives matter. <3

  9. Abraham Lincoln suggested in his second inaugural address that the Civil War would continue “until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword.” I have long wondered what it would take to balance the lives lost to abortion. Your words here, Wendy, are both wise and prophetic. Amen.

    1. Thank you, dear Shirlee. <3 I teared up when I read your comment this morning. I have also noticed similarities between slavery and abortion. The world in her rush to take care of herself sometimes neglects to consider the equality of others.
      We'll stop traffic so frogs can safely cross a road and yet we'll run over another human being who gets in our way.
      Grace, mercy, and justice will prevail in the end, but in the meantime many little ones are painfully sent to early graves. Over 10,000,000 so far this year… 🙁

  10. I’m still pondering this post Wendy. I can’t change my indifference in the past and have asked God to forgive me. What does God want of me and His followers at this present time is the question? This is such a difficult issue-women’s rights and the rights of the unborn. Praying for truth and wisdom to prevail in America by God’s grace. The saddest thing to me is the long list of couples waiting to adopt in America. Oh how I pray for brave women willing to give their child life through adoption.

  11. God have mercy indeed. Such a tragedy. Abortion is horrid. I wrote about it. I want to share with women who may be considering abortion. They need the truth from God. I am certain that satan (purposely not capitalized) has blinded their eyes long enough.
    Here’s my link.

  12. Hi Wendy, I too feel obliged to write about difficult subjects from time to time and I know how taxing this can be. At times I feel totally drained of strength. Even now I am struggling with what to do about a certain topic. Keep listening and obeying. Your sensitivity to those with differing viewpoints is touching.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, dear Tina, regarding sensitivity. I credit it to hearing the Bible Answer Man radio host constantly reminding listeners to agree to disagree with others with gentleness and respect. Love matters most. Love helps everyone listen better too.
      Blessings as you write in the way God prompts you to write.
      I have a feeling I will soon be tackling a topic that is extra scary for me. But I will feel stuck until I do. <3

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