Tapping into Tears: Praying Parents

Tapping into Tears: Praying Parents 

Thou tellest my wanderings:

put thou my tears into thy bottle:

are they not in thy book?

Psalm 56:8 KJV

Tears are messengers telling us to pay close attention. I used to be terrified to tear up in public. But a season of mourning helped me overcome my terror of being caught with tears streaming down my face…

You can read more about it on The Beloved Prodigal Blog I’m grateful to have been introduced to, and where I’m honored to be a guest today: Tapping into Tears: Praying Parents.

raindrops on petals
magnolia blossoms shine
I mine each treasure
tears flow as heartfelt prayers
for God’s love never gives up
~ wlm

Teardrop Blessings ~ Wendy

14 thoughts on “Tapping into Tears: Praying Parents

  1. Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for sharing your precious words from your heart! I am so grateful that the Lord allows us to walk alongside each other during the difficult seasons. His encouragement and hope are such blessings in that sharing. May the Lord bless you today!

  2. OH dear Wendy…I cried all the way through this. I felt it and am hanging on to it. Our parenting doesn’t really end and He can continue to use our prayers and tears all our days. Love and blessings as you continue to share such important truths with us!

    1. Thank you, dear Debbie, for letting me know you understand. I caught myself tearing up today, and then I realized I needed to apply the STOP acronym I recently created to help me cope, hope, and thrive. The tears alerted me to embrace: Stillness, Thankfulness, Offering myself to Him, and Praying before proceeding any further. Yes, sweet friend, parenting never ends because our love doesn’t end either. <3

  3. Tears are a regular feature of my life. My tears do not always, or even often, come because of pain or worry or suffering. When I feel spiritually moved or experience the touch of God or, I confess, even when watching a sappy movie, tears mess up my makeup. Now, I tell people that I have the spiritual gift of tears and to deal with it. I’ve thought of Psalm 56:8 often. Tears are a release, and I love your thoughts on the power of the tears of a praying parent, Wendy. I have shed many while praying for my children, and no doubt there are more to come.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, dear Crystal. I think the tendency to worry is the hardest part of parenting. But life’s hardness presses us into the softness of His hands. <3

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