What’s your Diagnosis? #Memoir Recovery Writing

I’m about to share something from my life that’s still raw and hurting. While composing this, I wasn’t sure if I’d end up posting it publicly, but I process things by writing about them in my journ…

Source: What’s your Diagnosis?

*** I’m a guest writer on the Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog today. Hope to see you there.

Blessings of His Healing ~ Wendy

Thank you to Susan at: Susan Irene Fox for helping me edit this post before I submitted it.

20 thoughts on “What’s your Diagnosis? #Memoir Recovery Writing

  1. I don’t think my comment got on the blogsite, but I want to let you know, Wendy, how I appreciate your blog on forgiving and loving. Your post is sensitively written, so as not to hurt anyone, but it also lets us know that you have been hurt too—a delicate balance for sharing no-harm memoir. I applaud your writing. May your writing reach and bless the ones who would benefit from hearing your perspective.

    Thanks, Sharon >

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    1. Thank you, dear Sharon. You’ve expressed my heart’s desire: “May (my) writing reach and bless the ones who would benefit from hearing (my) perspective.” Amen. ❤ Blessings as God brings your words before the readers He desires to read them too.

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  2. Very inspiring Wendy, it made me recalibrate today remembering that God has given us literally everything from breath to relationships to every blessing we have. Who are we to withhold love and kindness to anyone or anything on this earth? Taking deep breaths before difficult conversations usually means we’re on the right path. Narrow, and lonely, but still the right direction. Thank you, Blessings!

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    1. Yes, Brad, “narrow and lonely… is still the right direction.” Thank you for your wise reminder. Blessings to you both. 🙂 May we focus on what God has given us in the present instead of on what we haven’t gotten in the past.


      1. It’s often in the tears that joy bubbles up, when we battle our own wounded selves, we do somehow become aware, that this is how our Lord applies healing balm. It is not always possible to forget, but He can be trusted with our memories. Love always.

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