God’s Glory is His Alone: Praying for Loved Ones


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I’m guest blogging on a lovely friend’s site this week.

Norma Gail is a wonderful inspirational author I met through a mutual friend.

Are you ever impatient for God to answer your prayers for a loved one?

I talk about this on my friend’s blog this week.

Here’s the link:

God’s Glory by Wendy Macdonald

Blessings of His Grace ~ Wendy

21 thoughts on “God’s Glory is His Alone: Praying for Loved Ones

  1. Great post Wendy. It reminded me of a story I heard about a woman that prayed for her mother’s conversion for 20 years before she finally surrendered to Christ. She said through tears how she wanted to quit often, and came dangerously close several times. “What if I had stopped,” she said.
    Perhaps God would have had another to pray on for her mom. But to her, she realized the importance of not being too weary to pray. Thanks for the read.

    1. Thank you, Keith. I love hearing stories about answered prayers. Often I think of faithful prayer warriors who’ve received answers concerning their loved ones; they inspire me to keep praying–keep believing. Faith pleases our Father.

  2. Hi, Wendy!
    You know how much I love the butterfly! There is such excitement knowing about our new life within!
    I wanted to share something very important to me. Please respond when you have a chance. I wrote a devotion about God’s Glory Moments! These moments are those unexplainable times when you know it is JESUS . No one else could have thought of or made the answer to prayer or intervene in this situation. I call them His Glory Moments.
    Some people call it luck, but we know believing in luck will surely make you stuck in life.
    ❤️ loved the devotion today.
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    1. Thank you, dear Joan. Feel free to include a link to any of your posts you’d like me to read. Yes, I’d rather be known as a believer than a lucky person. 🙂 I love your phrase: Glory Moments.

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