God is Able to Save Our Loved Ones


We need remember as we pray

For those we’d love to know ‘The Way’

That it is God who works each day

To draw men’s hearts until they’re saved.


Wendy/ 2016


God is able to save our loved ones.

Our job is to pray.


And love.




Recently I found myself with unexpected free time on my hands. I was supposed to visit someone who is in recovery, but he’d had a relapse in his health and wanted to stay in bed.

My heart broke as I considered how much pain this dear person was in.

I craved to fix him, to comfort him.

But I knew I was powerless—so I let go and gave the situation to God.




My free time was soon filled with the need to drop one of my teens off at her friend’s house. Rather than planning to drive straight home afterwards, I brought my camera and stopped by a beach along the way.

At Point Holmes a young eagle stood along the shoreline I wanted to photograph.

Waves intrigue me.

And I wanted to learn how to capture them better on camera.

But instead of focusing on the waves, I focused on the bird.




The eagle allowed me to get closer–too close.

And I grew concerned he might have an injury. He was entranced by an orange object that had been stuck on his claw at one point, but he managed to shake it free as I drew near.

But still, I wondered why he wasn’t flying away. I even spoke to him, he seemed to listen.

He trusted me.




Another bystander also drew close to him. We both wondered about the bird’s health. If we spotted an injury, one of us would call MARS.

But as the person came around the eagle’s other side, the bird opened its wings and flew away, leaving its treasure behind.




I found out, via a community Facebook page I share pictures on, the young eagle had stolen the dog toy out of a nearby yard (better the toy than the dog).

And you know, it got me thinking, maybe the person I’m concerned about just needs to rest for a season, gather his strength, and eventually fly off to the place God intends for him to thrive.

My job is to continue praying, speak words of hope, and give him to God.

There’s nothing the Lord can’t fix—in His time.




“I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me;

I was found by those who did not seek me.”

Isaiah 65:1 


God is able to save our loved ones.


Do you have an encouraging quote or verse you’d like to share with me?

In His Time Blessings ~ Wendy   




26 thoughts on “God is Able to Save Our Loved Ones

  1. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10.23
    I often go to this verse when I feel impotent to help others. I am learning how important it is not to rescue people. He is our Rescuer for He is our hope.

  2. Is. 40:31 “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not grow weary.” May your dear friend be blessed as God does a healing in his life. Thank you for a beautiful post Wendy. The eagle is so majestic looking.

  3. Oh what a beautiful story Wendy! And those pictures of that eagle, (beeeutiful!) and how close you were able to get to him, feels like a message indeed. A rare experience of being let into an animal’s world for just a short time. I believe this eagle gave you a gift, good thoughts of possibilities, and hope. God was definitely in this experience. How very moving.

    1. Thank you, dear Linda. I definitely consider those moments with the eagle a gift. God seems the easiest to hear when our hearts are at their heaviest. He makes our spirits soar again. <3

  4. Love these photos and your message. It hits home, as I am nursing my husband through an incurable cancer, and it is so hard to watch his suffering. Sometimes it is very hard to let go and let God.

    1. I suspect his suffering hurts you as much as it does him–hugs. Your presence with your husband is a love gift and helps more than you can imagine. Blessings of peace as you take time to care for yourself too. I’m sorry you’re both going through this.

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