Merry Christmas


The Light of Christmas

 shining all over the world

pointing hearts to Hope


Wendy 2015


Blessings for a wonderful Christmas ~ Wendy

Thank you for your friendship, follow, and encouragement throughout 2015.

I look forward to sharing 2016 with you too.



My daughter decorated her room for Christmas

(Do you remember her autumn decorating?).

Here’s the link if you haven’t already seen it: The Christ of Christmas is Coming




60 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    1. Dear Diane, I’m so glad we met too. xo I always enjoy your inspirational writing and your wonderful sense of humour. One day I’d love to travel out your way and sit in that awesome swing your husband made while we chat over tea (I like all teas or coffee).


    1. Thank you, dear Laura. I thought of what you’d said about looking around 360 degrees when photographing, and I discovered the waxing moon above and behind us while taking sunset shots—thanks for all you teach me through your examples. 🙂

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too, dear Susan. And blessings of His peace and joy for 2016. I just dropped by your blog and enjoyed the village with the stonework and narrow streets. You take shots of everything I would have wanted to. You can’t beat Europe for beautiful history. xo


    1. Thank you, dear Cynthia, for the link. I’d forgotten all about that contest, and I’m a member of The Word Guild too. ❤ How kind of you to remind me. Blessings to you and your family for Christmas and 2016, for we walk with the One Who never leaves our side.

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    1. Thank you, sweet Theresa. I’m holding onto His Hand and allowing Him to lead me through whatever may come. There are new blessings every morning. ❤ May 2016 bring answered prayers for our mothering hearts. PS – Happy Birthday, pretty lady. 🙂


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