Introducing My New Haiga Style Facebook Page



You’re invited to follow my new micropoetry/nature photography Facebook page at the end of this post.




It’s different from my main Facebook writer page in that it’s not about my faith.

It’s about creation and poetry.

I wanted to reach out to those who may not appreciate

the Daily Bread style of my other page.

And some of my sweet friends have already followed both.

Thank you. xoxo




I like to find common ground with others so that maybe,

just maybe,

they might ask me the reason for my hope.




When I filled out a survey last year,

I discovered I scored highest in:




and mercy.




What is your strongest personality trait?

I’m way too curious not to ask.


Created by God Blessings ~ Wendy


These pictures were all samples taken from my new Facebook page.


Here’s the link: Wendy Macdonald

The link to my Daily Bread style one is on the side of this blog page.

Both of these Facebook pages only post once or twice per day

at about 6:00 AM PST.




Time for me to go back to NaNoWriMo…

I’m consuming more chocolate than usual–it fuels my muse.


Today’s the last day, and I’m on the home stretch.

Hopefully I’ll finish on time, and then I want to visit your blogs.


15 thoughts on “Introducing My New Haiga Style Facebook Page

    1. Thank you, Brad. You’re right about me not being able to hide my faith. It’s a challenge to write haiku etc without directly referring to it. 🙂 I always enjoy your creative art.

  1. Loved it and I think it’s great that you have created to other post for the reason you gave. I pray that the seeds it plants, the Lord will bring to fruition. As to what my strongest personality trait is, I’m not sure, Wendy. Perhaps my warmth and sincerity. Love and hugs, N 🙂 <3

    1. Natalie, you’re excellent at encouraging others, and I suspect you were a well-loved teacher. Your faith and love shine through your blog posts, writing and photography. <3 My grade 7 and 8 English teachers inspired me to keep writing. I wonder how many writers you have blessed over the years. xo

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