The Shepherd and the Lambs


The Shepherd and the Lambs

One by one the lambs

are leaving through the gate

they’re old enough to choose

and make their own mistakes


One by one the lambs

have wandered far afield

 they’re old enough to know

to Whom their hearts should yield


One by one the lambs

have succumbed to lies

though they’d been warned

of forsaking all that’s wise


One by one the lambs

are bleating in dismay

 they’re suffering with thirst

because they’ve lost their way


One by one the Shepherd

reaches with His crook

and gently rescues each lamb 

to bring them to His Brook.


Wendy/ 2015


God is so good.




In the same way

 your Father in heaven

is not willing

that any of these little ones

should be lost.

Matthew 18:14


There are no grandchildren in God’s family. Each of us must come to Him one by one. We don’t inherit our salvation through our parents, we come to the heavenly Father through Jesus Christ alone.

God’s got our parenting back. He’ll lead our lambs home. Our job is to trust and obey.

And pray.

This week I was super-duper blessed by an article in the Focus on the Family magazine, Thriving. It featured Max Lucado’s daughter, Andrea Lucado. She shared about “Approachable Parenting”. She talked about how she rebelled in her teen years and ultimately returned as her parent’s sincere faith, grace and prayers remained steady during her unsteadiness.

Her testimony reminded me no family is perfect because we’re all sinners in need of a Savior.

Have you read my latest post on Wendy L. Macdonald about 5 Fabulous Phrases that Can  Save a Parent’s Sanity ? I hope to see you there. I’ve added the link to Andrea’s article at the end of it.

Is autumn coloring your corner of the world?

Good Shepherd Blessings ~ Wendy


I’ve linked this post with one of my blog friends, Janis Cox.

She is also a Canadian Christian writer.





46 thoughts on “The Shepherd and the Lambs

  1. What a beautiful promise to parents. Such hope. Such stillness in the midst of disillusionment and disappointment.
    Thank you too for the beautiful pictures and yes…autumn is definitely colouring the corner of my world and I am basking in it all.

          1. Me too. Chris and I tried out for Amazing Race Canada because we wanted to see this beautiful country coast to coast but we didn’t get in. We’ve thought about cycling across but I’m not sure we’d make it. 🙂
            Plan C is to figure out Plan C!

  2. I am often comforted by the passage about the 99 sheep. My children are grown (27 and 21 years old). Now the Lord has blessed me with more “children” through my job. I am very grateful.

  3. Wendy,
    Fall is my favorite time of the seasons, just for that reason…the changing colors of Autumn. Isn’t it amazing how spring will bring a single hue of greens (like with Maple’s) and fall will array it’s colors of orange, yellows and coppers on the same tree! God is truly the Master Artist. Thank you for being so intuitive to the beauty around you, it blesses my heart. ~Zoey

    1. Thank you, dear Zoey. We just came in from a nature walk, and I said to my husband that autumn makes the ordinary extraordinary. I agree God’s “truly the Master Artist”. I’m beyond curious what else He’s been busy creating behind the scenes. Blessings.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Your first photo is absolutely breathtaking. The other one is gorgeous too. So glad we have the Good Shepherd to guide us. And yes, God is so good. Hope you’re weekend was wonderful. 🙂

  5. Hi Wendy-Lee! 🙂

    I would so love to go through a walk in that park! Way too beautiful for words.
    They grow, then one day we have to say goodbye and hope that everything we taught them pays off.

    Much love to you. Hugs Paula xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Cynthia. I’m having some trouble leaving comments on other blogs today. I’m wondering if they’re landing in people’s spam boxes. I’ll come by and try again. Your post today reminded me of my own living room. My osteoarthritis likes to scold me the day after I do anything adventurous. I only listen to its warnings when it comes to housework. 😉

        1. So true, Cynthia. Could you please check your spam queue and see if my recent comment on your blog is in it? I tested this out on my husband’s dormant blog and sure enough my comment ended up in his spam box. If enough people notice and click not spam, then Akismet will stop blocking me. This happened to me once before. 🙂

          1. I had to show my husband how, which felt pretty good since he’s a techie guy. Dashboard–go to comments which is between Pages and Feedback. At the top is listed various things, including Spam. If there’s a zero next to the Spam, then it’s empty. Otherwise click on Spam and it will show you comments in it. This is where you can approve comments or trash the ones that are obviously spam. Hope this helps. I found several in Hubby’s spam bin. 🙂

          2. Yup, I did go — and had to search among all the blocked porn sites that the Spam filter caught, thank goodness – but finally, there you were. I immediately unblocked you. Ya gotta stop hanging out with such unsavoury types, Wendy. (big smile) I hope your weekend goes well.

          3. Ha ha. 🙂 The only “birds and bees” watching I’m into are the G-rated ones you find in the garden or nature parks. Thank you, sweet friend, for getting me out of spam jail. xo

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