Flowers in Autumn



Flowers in autumn

our time of parting draws near

treasure each moment


Wendy ~ 2015


I’ve made a decision to keep both this blog and my new website running.

It seems the redirect didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped.

This means I’ll keep posting here once a week and over there as well.

I’ll make the posts different from each other.

What do you think?

My other blog is

I’m hoping you’ll follow it via e-mail,

if you haven’t already.


What’s still blooming in your garden? I’m nosy-to-know.




Autumn Blessings ~ Wendy



30 thoughts on “Flowers in Autumn

    1. Thank you, dear Diane. I’m always encouraged by your blog posts. We’re heading out to take beach pictures. I’m hoping for birds too. Blessings on your ‘sweet Saturday’. xo

  1. Spectacular flowers. Ecotherapy!
    Wendy, if your other blog doesn’t arrive in our email, how do we follow it … type its address into our address bar once a week or so?

    1. Diane, I like the idea of “ecotherapy”. Studies have shown a walk in the forest is definitely therapeutic. 🙂 On the other blog the e-mail signup is beside the Twitter widget in the footer section or right under the comment box. I’m thinking of changing the theme on that blog since several people have mentioned it’s not easy finding the follow box. I’ll make sure I always include a reminder link on my posts here too.

  2. My garden still has an Impatiens from Mother’s Day, Daisies from VBS, Nasturtiums my son and I planted from seed just after frost, a Lobelia my dad gave me, Geraniums I picked up on sale, and some blue Morning Glories I started in egg shells in April. Plus, I left the Sweet Corn stalks after we ate the cobs to decorate for Fall. They are a lovely gold with purple accents.
    I’m enjoying the blooms without doing any more work: we’ve gotten enough rain, I’m not fertilizing any more, and the weeds have practically stopped. 🙂
    It’s a good idea to keep posting here and including the address of your new site for a while, but I don’t know about indefinitely unless you keep collecting people thru WP. I’d also suggest getting a popup subscriber if you want to keep your no sidebar look. It took me some searching to find your sign up form because it’s at the bottom and blends in perfectly.

    1. Cheri, your garden sounds wonderful and fun. And thank you for your suggestions about making the follow button more visible. I’m leaning towards having a side bar for the I know I enjoy seeing other bloggers’ social media links at a glance. But the photographer in me doesn’t like to give up any of the picture size. I’ll be playing around with it and figuring out a middle ground.

  3. Hi, Wendy. I couldn’t open your email the other day, so you’re right about the trouble. I hope you get it straightened out! Your captures of the flowers are just gorgeous. <3

    1. Thank you, dear Jennifer. I think I’ve got everything back to normal again. We’ll see when I post next week. I’m excited to share some pictures I took with the new camera my husband surprised me with. I thought it was a box of chocolates–nope.

  4. Gorgeous autumnal flowers, Wendy. At the moment, I find this site much easier to navigate, so thank you for continuing with it for the time being.

  5. Your photos of flowers are beautiful. Thank you for recently visiting my blog site. I love what you wrote, “faith, not shallow… and rescued from the deep.” Beautiful way of putting it. I am also a Christian and it is always a privilege to meet other Christians and people of faith on Word Press. God bless you also in your writing endeavors.

    1. Thank you, Joyce. Nice to meet you too. I just noticed you’ve posted some lovely autumn vacation pictures I hadn’t seen yet. And I agree it’s always a privilege to meet people of faith on Word Press. I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers. Blessings.

  6. Your post is lovely Wendy. Great haiku! I so understand the redirect not working as smoothly as you might think it would. I appreciate your follow at my new site. It seems very difficult for followers to jump on another link. Although I haven’t been posting on Latebloomerbuds, and my last post is about changing sites, I still get people signing up there. Oh well. I want to keep a blog going because it is the only way I can share my photography. Kind of feel like taking photos when there is no one to share it with doesn’t make you want to keep taking photos you know? Any who, I have nosed around all your sites. You clearly are reaching out to others that share your faith. Wonderful! Hugs, Margie

    1. Margie, I think it’s wise you’re keeping the old site there to point people to your new one. I’m also using my Twitter, Facebook, etc. to draw readers to my new site. Yes, it’s no fun taking photos if you don’t have someone to share them with. 🙂 I rarely get around to all the blogs I follow–so glad I popped by yours today via a comment you’d made on one of my older posts. Blessings & hugs.

  7. Thanks Wendy for visiting my blog site and re-tweeting my blog post. 🙂 I love your pictures and poetic verse above. It is so great to meet other Christians on WordPress too. Have a great day, and may God bless you and your writing.

    1. You’re welcome, Joyce. Yes, it’s nice to meet other Christians online. I have an evangelical heart too, so I also enjoy meeting people with different world views than mine. Blessings.

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