Please Pray for those affected by the Cape Horn Fire

Our sunset last night showing how hazy it is from fires in our province and on our island.

Dear Friends, * Update: Rhonda has posted on Twitter and in her blog comments that the fire is no longer a threat. Praise the Lord! Thank you, everyone, who prayed in private and/or on her blog etc. You all rock. xo (updated July 8, 2015)   

This isn’t my usual post day. But I wanted to ask for pray for Rhonda and her community of Cape Horn. If you follow the link to her blog you will see all you need to know to pray for them.

My heart goes out to her as I see and smell smoke in my own part of the world. So far there are no fires in my immediate area. But smoke travels far and wide.

So do prayers.

I won’t be replying to comments as I’m busy writing/editing. But if you want to leave a word of encouragement or prayer on Rhonda’s blog that would be awesome.  <3

Blessings ~ Wendy

Here’s the link:

12 thoughts on “Please Pray for those affected by the Cape Horn Fire

    1. Yay! I was so happy to see that on Twitter, Rhonda. What a roller-coaster ride it must have been for everyone. God, prayers, and firefighters are an awesome combination. ❀

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