Creativity is No Black & White Tie Affair


Creativity is No Black and White Tie Affair

Creativity is no black and white tie affair

 no rigid staff and measure on the barline of life

because sometimes you need to improvise

and map out your own direction that’s right


Some will say you’ve composed well

and some will think you’ve got it all wrong

but you’ve got to listen to the in between

notes on the scale of your heart’s song


Not everyone will get your lyrics

or want to hum your indie tune

but you’ve got to voice your passion’s drumbeat

because that’s the one that will see you through.


Wendy ❀ 2015




My blog is three years old this month,

and I’ve had the honor of being friends with some of you for about that long.

Thank you so much for reading my posts.

You bless me,

and I hope I’m a blessing to you too.




Born to be Me ~ Wendy ❀


Here’s a wonderfully encouraging link:

How to not let others sabatoge your writing.

This advice is applicable for any creative endeavor.

Don’t let anyone dash your dreams

or turn you into a clone.



63 thoughts on “Creativity is No Black & White Tie Affair

  1. Indeed, you have been a blessing! And I find black and white photography has amazing nuances that colour cannot duplicate – just like poetry. Happy Blog Anniversary! I turned three this past March. How time flies…

    1. Congratulations on your third blog anniversary. Some pictures really do look their best dressed in black and white. I follow a couple of B & W photography blogs. Blessings on your garden. ❀ I heard Winnipeg got snow recently–I hope your province is behaving.

      1. No snow, but we had to cover plants last night from a windchill that went below freezing. Weather changes. Makes me grateful that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

  2. Congratulations on three years! What a blessing you are to me! And so appreciate your words here. We do each have our own unique song and we shouldn’t let anyone try to change it. Going to tuck this one in my archives. Just about ready for the publishing plunge with my memoir. 🙂

    1. Marisa, I’m excited for you. I love your writing voice. You aren’t afraid to go deep and raw. I’m a total memoir addict now, and it has me thinking about getting serious about it too. Blessings as you take the next step. ❀

  3. Welcome to the three-month mark, dear Wendy. I feel blessed to have you as a friend and writing buddy. <3

    The link you provided is a must read for writers. Writing is a subjective pursuit and we cannot expect to please everyone with whatever style or genre we use, but if it is good writing, to be sure it will resonate with someone out there.

      1. Dear Jennifer, I know what you meant. I made a typo on my most recent query letter and the gracious agent still requested a partial ms. I’m learning that it’s about the story and voice first. I’m so looking forward to reading yours. ❀

  4. I’ve been following you for less than six months, and I am always inspired in one way or another. I actually look forward to your posts. Congratulations on three years–keep them coming–please!

  5. Congratulations, Wendy. 🙂 Thank you for your friendship and encouragement. <3 May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others through your writing. Love, Iris.

      1. Oh, and you know I’m crazy about the black and white photos! 🙂 I love color … but black and white makes me think of my great-grandparents … old photos. Something so special about them. And no one would be smiling in the photo. That was always funny.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I have had one of my blogs for five years and the other for three years, and usually I am lucky if I get three or four comments on my posts. Every once in a while I will have a post that gets more. Sometimes when I write a post that I think is really good, but go back and hear crickets chirping it is discouraging, but I just commit it to the Lord and then I am cheered up.


    1. Theresa, I know what you mean about being surprised by which posts attract attention and which ones don’t. I came so close to not posting this one today because I didn’t think it was very exciting–but then I thought of how much the link had blessed me and I hoped it might benefit others. Your words, “just commit it to the Lord” are wise. He can use what we write for good. ❀

  7. Love your poem, Wendy! And you tied in your beautiful black and white photos perfectly. And sending you a big congratulatory hug. Happy blog-o-versary. 🙂

    1. Diana, I’m so glad Jennifer introduced us. I enjoy your thoughtful posts and your wonderful sense of humor. Your quotes are the icing on the cake. ❀ I’ve still got the retro picture post idea in the back of my mind. 😉

  8. You are a blessing Wendy, here and on Facebook. And, I agree, creativity is unique to each individual, and we must not lose our essential voice. A great link.

  9. Wow! Congrats on 3 years and going strong. Your spirit and essence shine bright through your blog. It always feels safe and uplifting here, God bless!

  10. Well composed Wendy. Congratulations on three years of blogging. Our blogs are about the same age; I’m happy they, and we, have met through our writing and through our love for the Creator. You have been a blessing in my life. I am eager to meet you and your husband Aug. 31, during our road trip to the Northwest this summer. ~ Richard

    1. Thank you, dear Richard. I admire your photography and your poetry. By the way, I read through most of the book you suggested (John O’Donohue’s), and I enjoyed it. Your writing seriously rivals his–so I think I better ask for your autograph when you get to our island. ❀ Blessings to you & Mary.

  11. Congratulations, Wendy. My Bible stiudy blog was three years old in April. Can’t believe it’s been that long. I’ve had my writing blog for just a little over a year. It’s been wonderful to connect with people like you 🙂

    1. Linda, I really enjoy both your blogs when I get over to them–which reminds me–I’m heading over for your Friday one. <3 Happy Blog anniversary. Thank you. ❀

  12. Beautiful post Wendy and the black and white photos are so stunning; there is something peaceful about them.

    And congratulations on three years of blogging! I think I found you about half way through 😊 and very glad I did. X

  13. Congratulations on 3 years! Nice number: everything still ahead and lots of experience.
    I completely agree, do not allow anybody to destroy your dreams, intentions and belief. It’s very common that any artist, musician, singer, writer, etc. is labelled and categorized. Most part of population will go where they are told to, so no, never give up just because some part of the general audience doesn’t consider you as an excellent artist or writer. Well, we have to learn being more self-sufficient. Creative things which come from the heart usually find their way to another heart. You don’t have to worry, your photos and writings are always top-notch.

    1. Thank you, Inese. Creatives need to remember that tastes vary, and the artist’s job is to strive to be the best flavor of herself. I like what you said about “things… from the heart… find their way to another heart.” <3 Yes, I agree. Blessings on your beautiful paintings. ❀

  14. You and your blog have been a blessing to me. God has certainly blessed you abundantly with your gift. I always look forward to reading more of your posts : )

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