How Do You Know If You’re a Writer?



In solitude

she sifts silence

searching for insights

from a marsh of memories

within each of life’s stages

 penning prayers and praise

 tucking each thought

word by word

phrase by phrase

onto pages.


Wendy ❀ 2015




The trumpeter swans have been elusive this winter.

I’m hoping for more opportunities to take pictures of them.

But it’s still early.

(These pictures are of Lazo Marsh.)




It’s still early

in my writing world too.

I used to ask,

“How do you know if you’re a writer?”

My favorite answer is,

“Because you write.”




I’ve passed that test.

I crave to write—daily.

(Over thirty years worth of journals occupy my shabby-chic trunk.)

But on today’s writing road,

there are even more tests

 a writer needs to pass

 if  she wants to be traditionally published.




Like any entrepreneur,

 she must strive to improve her craft.

Pianists practice.

Athletes exercise.

And  writers write.

She also needs to read widely,

seek critiques,


and so much more.




How do I know if I’m a writer?

I write.

 I’m going to keep writing.

And I hope you keep doing what you love to do too.

(I also hope you’ll check out my Goodreads link at the bottom of this page.)

Maybe we could be friends on Goodreads?


One of the books I reviewed is Sarah Loudin Thomas’ novella,

Appalachian Serenade.

It’s available as a free download (click the title to go to Sarah’s website).

It was a delightful read, and I gave it 5 stars.


I love downloading free sample chapters off Amazon too,

and when I find one I love I buy the book or put it on my wish list.


Writer Blessings ~ Wendy  ❀


Have you discovered any great books after reading a sample first?




P.S. —Did you know God appreciates writers too?


“This is what the LORD,

the God of Israel says:

Write in a book

all the words I have spoken to you…”

 Jeremiah 30:2


Don’t worry.

I don’t ever plan on telling an agent, editor, or a publisher

that God told me to write a book.

(And besides, it was my husband who suggested it.)

And I’m so glad he did.

~ ❀ ~


61 thoughts on “How Do You Know If You’re a Writer?

  1. Loved this. I, too, am a writer. Some people have skill to work with wood or leather or, like one of our daughters, glass. Like you, I love to work with nouns, verbs, prepositions. I’ve never tried the publishing world, except one self-published book (which, I guess, is kind of cheating), and I write a blog, which you know already. I appreciate your pictures and your poetry. Thanks for allowing me to read them,

    1. Clarence, I appreciate the publishing choices now available. And I’m learning as much as I can about traditional and self-publishing. I don’t think of indie as cheating as long as I take my time and do it right (I would need to hire an editor etc.). You have better mastery of grammar than I do. Thank you for your encouragement over the last year or so. ❀

          1. Do you have a website for your purses? My wife has enough purses to supply several stores. 🙂 Sorry I can’t help you with the publishing, although, if you’re interested, there is one self-publisher I can’t recommend.

          2. I have a Facebook page I’ve neglected since the two stores that carried my purses closed (after & during the recession).


            This might be the year I resuscitate it. I’d love to see your self-pub recommendation. I’m collecting ideas and sources for the future. There are a few Christian publishers that don’t require writers to have agents that I’ve also looking into. Thank you. ❀

          3. Since you asked, I used Xulon Publishing. They did indeed print my book, but that’s all they did. There was no proof-reading and no editorial help at all. They did send me proofs to read, but I admit I just zipped through them and missed a whole bunch of typos. They required payment up front. No problem, but several years later I get this notice that I owed them a fair chunk of change. Turns out there was an “annual fee” for them to keep my book on file for reprinting as orders might come in. There was no notice of this in any of the forms they sent me, at least that I could find, and they never notified me of it, as I said, until several years later. I will say, my son-in-law used them and seems quite satisfied. I have a couple of other friends who have used Lulu and seem satisfied. I really haven’t pursued it any further.

  2. I think you are right. Thank you for the reminder to practice every day, just like a musician or athlete. I have not been doing this and my writing has slipped. Sometimes so hard when you are busy working and supporting your family, or feeling down. I appreciate the encouragement you provide here.

    1. Thank you, Kenne, for letting me know this encouraged you. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading both novels and writing craft books over the past year. The common thread I keep seeing is that we need to show up at the keyboard most days (I take a day off each week). Even is it’s just for a few minutes. And writers need to read–a lot. Blessings as you continue to write. ❀

        1. Setting an attainable goal is a great idea. It inspires rather than discourages. And besides, even if our writing is lousy on some days–it’s okay. You can’t edit a blank page. ❀ Have fun.

  3. Writing, writing and more writing is the only way, Wendy, as we both know. But you know what? That’s okay, because there is very little that satisfies me as much as the written word. Even if I am never traditionally published, I will still write. It is who I am, and I think I have a few buddies. 😉

    Jennifer xo

    1. Jennifer, I so get what you’re saying. Writing has become like breathing to me over that last three decades (sounds younger than saying 30 yrs). I will be trying the indie route if needed; but I’d prefer to be part of a traditional team. Yet, I can see advantages to the self-pub path as well. Either way I’m taking my time while I grow my craft. So glad to have writing friends like you along the way. <3

  4. Writing has kept me sane since my MS diagnosis and subsequent physical deterioration. Sometimes it serves as distraction therapy when I’m having a bad day and probably how it all began and now the day doesn’t feel right if I don’t write! 😊.

    Wendy your photography is stunning. I look at your photos over and over; just beautiful, thank you x

    1. Christine, I agree that “a day without writing doesn’t feel right.” I love puns. 🙂 And to write during stressful times is therapeutic. Personal journals are best friends. Thank you for your always lovely comments. <3

  5. Fantastic, both the words and the photos! If I may I’d like to use your opening poem in a blog post. Of course I would give you credit for it like I do all my openings. Hugs, N 🙂 <3

        1. Natalie, I took a peek, and I love what you did. <3 Your timing is perfect as you've blessed me on a morning I need to go have some tests done that I'd rather not have. But God is in control. ❀ Isn't He good? Blessings & hugs. xo I'm going to come and read your post again when I get back home.

          1. Oh, Wendy, I hope those tests show that all is well or that whatever the problem is it can be easily addressed and solved! I’m praying for you! And yes God is in control and He is soooooooooooo good! Love, N <3

          2. Thank you sweet friend. I was impressed with how thorough and kind the hospital staff were to me. I have every reason to believe my doctor will have good news to pass on to me. The odds are on my side (never mind that God is too), so all is well with my soul. <3

  6. “I’m taking my time while I grow my craft.” Absolutely agree, Wendy. I so identified with your opening poem, and the photos are, as always, lovely. Just shot up a prayer regarding your tests. Thank you for all your encouragement. For me, the publishing end is all in His timing. I’ve been recently reading Flannery O’Connor and Dashiell Hammett, and about to reread Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. The descriptions in all are amazing.

    1. Thank you, dear Susan, for your encouragement and for your prayer. I agree the publishing end is all in God’s timing (the writing too), and you’ve just reminded me of a quote I wrote down by Diana Flegal: God is so good to get the right book, into the right hands, at the right time.

      Blessings on your writing and publishing journey, Susan. ❀

  7. Wendy it is indeed a long hard road this learning of the writing craft. I cannot stop, therefore I must learn everything I can and eventually share my stories. What a joy it is that we have the same passion.

    1. Kath, it’s definitely a passion. And we need that passion to push and pull us forward in growth. To publish something before it’s fully baked is a big mistake. We only get one chance to win a reader–usually within the first few words. So glad to be on this journey with you and the other writers I’ve gotten to know. Writers rock. ❀

    1. Shelli, I’m hoping to visit Scotland some day and see the places my husband has told me about. I’ve added your suggestion to my wish-list (and downloaded a sample chapter) since the “sighs” have it. I LOVE love stories. <3 Hugs.

  8. I followed you from a comment you made on Joyce’s (The Silver of His Fining) last year post on memorizing Scripture and so glad I did. Your poetry is beautiful and calming, the photos are peaceful as well. I will be back.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Linda, I’m so glad to meet another sister in the Lord. How wonderful that you also love to journal. Your blog is beautiful, and I’ll be stopping by again after I return from a nature walk. ❀

  9. Wendy, what lovely poetry! And your pictures always delight. That is so wonderful that you write every day. You’re right it is a discipline like anything else. When I was in high school I used to play piano 3 hours every day, that was my thing. You have to practice whatever your craft is. And I do believe God can inspire us with ideas, and then we act on them, thinking they are our thoughts. Maybe that sounds kind of crazy, but I do think He guides us in ways we may not even be aware of, to develop our gifts that He has given us!

    1. I agree with you, Linda, that “God can inspire us with ideas” without us even realizing it came from him. You’ve
      blessed me with this reminder–I needed
      it. Thank you so much. ❀ Hugs.

  10. Wendy, I’ve missed your beautiful words and photography and its so good to be back, enjoying them once again. Indeed you are a writer. No doubt about it. Just write on and on and on.

  11. Wendy, I’m so glad that you are a writer.
    And what great raw material you have collected: years of journals!
    Your blog is inspiring, well-written and leads me to look forward to whatever else you write.
    I wish you a good week.

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