Do You Still Dream of Me?



Do You Still Dream of Me?


Do you still dream of me

in these our autumn days

now that our youth has passed

 and beauty fades away?


Do you still dream of me

when much around is lost

as couples give up hope

and will not pay the cost?


Do you still dream of me

for I still dream of you?

Within my heart I keep

our love alive with Truth.


Wendy ❀ 2014



Ian and I love getting out into the woods.

We’ve enjoyed walking together since our dating days.

In fact, this is what we still do for most of our dates.




This poem was inspired by an old conversation that came to mind this week.

It took place at our previous home in the country

while I  was showing a friend and her friend our free range chickens.

I warned them to watch out for the cranky rooster, Kellogg.

 Then I went on to say I was disgusted with how he treats hens.

Yes, he’s protective of them and is eager to point out food sources.

 He even made cute noises when he found grub for them.

They would all come running towards him when he called.

  But did he have to be so aggressive towards them?

(Any of you who’ve had roosters will know what I’m talking about.)

Just like on this post, I didn’t go into detail about the rooster’s antics.

I simply hinted.

My friend laughed and said to her friend,

“Don’t let Wendy’s prudish behavior fool you.

She’s the only married women I know that still has the hots for her husband.”

I blushed and placed my hand over my pregnant belly

 (I blushed again typing this).




My friend was referring to a conversation we’d had two years prior

when I used to live in the same town she did.

We were driving to garage sales in my green MGB.

And you know how woman are.

We can talk, shop, and drive all at the same time (not saying that I’m good at it).

She commented that the reason I parked so close to the garage sale

was so the guys would notice my cutesy car

(there’s a whole different post I can write about my little green car and why I sold it).

So then we got onto the topic of men.

When she mentioned a celebrity crush she had,

I told her about my crush.

I told her that I only dream of my husband.

That I made a concerted effort to keep it that way.

Then I told her I believed the reason why I was content

was not because he’s perfect,

but because God’s way is perfect.

I was keeping our covenant using my heart, my mind, and my body.




In the meantime,

 I’ve kept dreaming of my husband and have been blessed for it in so many ways.


Loving and respecting our husbands isn’t just about them.

It’s about our relationship with the One who created us.

The One who invented the act of marriage.

The gift of intimacy


and yes—sex too.


There—I typed the  S-word.

 (I hope my filter doesn’t block my own blog.) 

Someone needs to remind the world sex was God’s idea.

It’s beautiful when practiced in the manner in which He intended.

Grab a Bible and check it out for yourself…

because  this prudish blogger has expounded

 as far as she’s willing to go.


Do you have a favorite marriage book you’d like to recommend? 


Here is a link to a Christian author who writes

the BEST marriage books I’ve ever read.

Several years ago I bought two of his books for us

and more for others.



Godly Love Blessings ~  Wendy ❀





72 thoughts on “Do You Still Dream of Me?

  1. Thank You for Being such a Blessing in my Life. I Truly Appreciate Your Inspirations 🙂 Happy Friday and Have a Fantastic Week End~

  2. What a beautiful post, on so many levels. Your playful love and profound contentment shine from the screen with as much naturalness as the scenery you use to decorate and frame your words. And who couldn’t like a post that includes a story about a rooster called Kellogg:-) If I ever get married I hope I’ll be able to describe it just as you can. Blessings, Harula xxx

    1. Thank you, dear Harula, for your kind words. xo Kellogg’s story did not have a happy ending. Eventually, after his attacks on us and others became too frequent and intense, we had to send him off to the big chicken coup in the sky. But two of his sons became our new gentle and submissive roosters and served honorably. ❀

      The moral of this story is that we must not show haste in picking out a rooster or a spouse. 😉

  3. Dearest Wendy, your words are beautiful and inspired by the Author of marriage and intimacy. What a blessing when we are able to get glimpses of God’s love in our marriages. It saddens me that we settle too often for a counterfeit love. Thanks so much for sharing the resource as well. … best book on marriage … I agree 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Heidi. You’re so right that ‘counterfeit love’ doesn’t satisfy. I’m so glad for a God who cares, guides, and blesses us with the real thing. ❀

  4. Wendy: This is an excellent post. FYI, the L-word and the S-word are both alive and thriving in our 43-year marriage.
    Also, someday I would love to walk down these paths in your area. ~ Richard ~

    1. Thank you, dear Richard. I love hearing happy marriage stories like yours. The younger couples need to hear our testimonies so they can have hope and encouragement.

      I’ve payed close attention to thriving couples over the years, and have learned so much. Healthy parenting is the other thing I like to observe. ❀

  5. While I intended to remain in love with my wife, I stand amazed that the love is as strong now as 37 years ago! Not that is was all rose petals without thorns, but quitting has never been an option. Thanks for your words and photos. Where we live there are few trees, so our walk in the leaves is in town! We have only evergreens on our lot.

    1. You’ve pointed out one of the top strategies to a strong marriage. Commitment helps couples navigate the minefields. And no wonder couples can be more in love as time goes by when they’ve gone through the battlegrounds together and beaten the enemy of temptation. War buddies bond closely. ❀ Blessings.

      1. I never thought of it like that, but I agree. Sorry, but when you put it that way it makes me think that it was “bond” to happen!

  6. I LOVE this post, Wendy! I love the poem, and that you dream of your husband still; and I’m glad you set aside the shyness for a second to speak truth about married love. I’m always stunned when I hear women opine that “Christian” women only have sex to have babies. That would be a terrible loss for both parties. Absolutely YES, God was the One who invented/designed the pleasures of intimacy which bond a couple–physically and emotionally, and spiritually–by covenant. Congratulations to you and Ian, that the romance is still alive and smokin’. God bless you both!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging words. I suspect there are a lot of people who’d be shocked if they sat down and read the references to sex in the bible. God asks couples not to hold back on each other. If a husband treats his wife as Christ treated the church (which he’s commanded to give this sacrificial love)–she ain’t going to be pulling out the ‘I’ve got a headache’ excuse. If she’s friendly and respectful to him and he’s loving and helpful to her, then romance will be “alive and smokin’ ” (love that phrase). ❀ Blessings.

  7. Wow, great photos, wonderful scenery, unbridled love and passion and inspiring words and thoughts! All together it makes for a great post, my friend. Love and hugs, N 🙂 <3

  8. Lovely and loving! And I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a date than on a walk. Remember the old expression for a date…. “walking out” with someone.

    1. In Canada, we called it “going out”. But I like “walking out” better. It’s worked for us, as we’ve put a lot of mileage on our feet over the years. Thank you for your always kind and intriguing words. ❀

    1. Thank you, dear Jennifer. xo Yes, the marriage bed is “honorable”, according to the Author of the birds & bees (AKA- sex). In over two years of blogging, this post was the most difficult to press the publish button. ❀

  9. Wendy loved your transparency here. I think there is a combination of things that keep a good marriage going. I have never read a book on marriage tips. We try appreciate each other and still thank each other for doing the mundane things that people take for granted over the years. We say I love you every day. Go on lunch dates. We laugh lots and most of all talk about issues that arise. I am blessed I know my husband and best bud has my back. I love that you still have the hots for your husband.

    1. Kath, your lovely comment reminds me of three important verbs to practice in marriage: admire, appreciate, and accept. Good on you both for making these a reality. When you call your husband “best bud” and say that you “know he has your back”, I’d say your husband is very blessed.

      “Tired bodies make tired sex.” A wise wife reserves energy for this part of her marriage. A wise husband helps around home so his wife is not overwhelmed or burned out. “Sex starts in the kitchen.” ❀ It sounds like you have a wise man.

  10. Beautiful Wendy! I especially love the reminder that we love our husbands not because he is perfect, but because God’s way is perfect!! Thank you, I need that reminder, The Lord bless you

    1. Susan, I think we all need this reminder from time to time. I love the attitude Ruth Bell Graham had: “It’s my job to love and respect Billy; it’s God’s job to make him good.” ❀

  11. Lovely post Wendy. Those of us who have been blessed with long lasting marriages are fortunate indeed. The journey through our marriage has not been plain sailing; in fact at one point there were many storms we thought we may not survive. But we persevered through all the strife and here we are three grown children and five tiny grandchildren later! And we are more content and stronger for the struggles. Xx

    1. Christine, I’m so happy to read your inspiring comment. Thank you for sharing it. xo I’ve always been blessed to learn how struggles can make a marriage stronger.

      A close friend and I call couples who survive and thrive, lifers. ❀ My daughter calls us sweet.

  12. Wendy, this was another beautiful post on fidelity, accompanied by stunning fall photos. Ken and I have always believed that couples who remain strong, faithful and loving are needed – as we hold this gift in trust for all of humanity.

    1. Thank you, dear Mary. Over the years I’ve been encouraged when I see couples who’ve made it through dark valleys and are now experiencing the mountaintop of companionship. Yes, you’re right, it’s a gift. My heart breaks for those who wanted to make it work, but didn’t have a good-willed spouse. ❀

  13. Wendy, this is beautiful. So right on. I think the only man who should enter our thoughts besides our own, is THE MAN … God. I love your writings and your photos … so beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful, touching and honest post, Wendy. I loved your poem. Like you and your husband, me and my husband love our hikes through the woods and beyond. There’s something about being out in nature with someone you love that just makes the world seem safe and secure and connected. Your photographs are stunning, too. So enjoyed!

    1. Thank you, dear Kim. I agree “the world seems safe, secure, and connected” when we’re walking in the woods with the one we love. I’m glad to hear that you and your husband enjoy the outdoors together too. We had our first hug together during a creek-side hike. ❀

  15. So beautifully put Wendy. And I’m like you, I don’t have a crush on a celebrity. Never did actually! I love the one that knows me best, my husband. And he loves me in spite of all my imperfections. We like to hike too. In fact in my first date with him was cross country skiing! Thank you for those wonderful words and beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I had a crush on a celebrity before I met my husband. My college classmates even hung a picture of him in one of our lab rooms (for me). Our professor kept glancing at it with a puzzled expression. No, I’m not telling who it was… except that he was a nice guy and not a bad boy. ❀ I love that your first date with your husband was an outdoor one.

    1. Thank you, dear Cynthia. I’m savoring your wonderful book, A Good Home. I’m one of those people who goes around saying goodbye to rooms and gardens when we move. Each of our homes has been an old character and a friend. ❀

      1. Wendy, I’m truly honoured that you are reading a Good Home.
        And just delighted that you are enjoying it. Esepcially since you are a person who loves your homes.
        THANK YOU!

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