A Special Place



A Special Place


There’s a special place

where I go to seek God’s face

the ocean of grace


His love welcomes me

there beside the moonlit sea

filling me with peace


Wendy ❀ 2014





I can enjoy my favorite place

from anywhere on earth.

It’s a place that accessible even from a prison cell.

I’ve never served time in prison,

but years ago I did janitorial work for a small RCMP detachment.

Prison cells don’t look anything like a moonlit sea.

(Yet, two men, back in the New Testament sang songs while they were in prison.)




We all experience times of confinement,

but God’s Spirit is able to be with us anywhere.

What special place does your time with God make you think of?




Come near to God and he will come near to you.

James 4:8


Moonlit Blessings ~ Wendy ❀




85 thoughts on “A Special Place

    1. Thank you. Bill, for letting me know that. It means a lot to me. I know I keep saying this… but I love your blog. Your ‘Unshakable Hope’ blesses me beyond words. ❀

  1. A Special Place … Greeting in our Lord and Saviour Wendy! I pray you are having a beautiful day blessed by Him … this piece did my soul more good than any amount of medicine ever could. Your words are filled with wisdom and your pictures display the grace and beauty of His creations. Be blessed precious sister.

      1. I’ve been “following” you for quite some time on Google+ … just thought I’d expand my horizons a bit and fill my soul with a bit more of your God-moments and glory-filled wisdom through your writings and beautiful photography. Thank you for being you. : ) He’s smiling as you live your life for Him.

        1. Tami, I didn’t realize that you’re the sweet encourager from Google+. Thank you for your kindness both here and there. I’ve been slowly using G+ more this year. Blessings on your walk with Him. ❀

  2. “We all experience times of confinement, but God’s Spirit is able to be with us anywhere.” How true these words are, Wendy. My special place now is on my little deck. There are two great trees just outside, one that touches the side of the deck and sweeps across; the other, directly in front, reaches the first tree, creating an arbor of solitude. Bumblebees and hummingbirds alight on the trees and the plants and flowers on my little space early in the morning and late in the afternoon. It’s where I sit, have my morning coffee and write in my prayer journal – my private haven with God.

    1. Susan, your quiet place sounds heavenly. How nice to hear that you journal too. For me, journaling has become as necessary as breathing. I suspect that you feel the same way. ❀ Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. A special place…always a great place to ponder his goodness and grace…lovely Wendy! My favorite place is deep within my spirit and heart where His spirit also dwells, it is made beautiful by His love and grace, and that is where the daily inspirations are given birth by heavenly love! For I am moved when sharing moments alone with Him in the special place we share;

    A Deep Place

    Your spirit resides deep within me
    A place where few will ever know
    A place I will never share with anyone
    A shelter where I alone can go

    It’s here where we share moments together
    Where I can truly be myself
    For you Lord only created me
    And blessed me with spiritual wealth

    It’s a very beautiful creative place
    Where like paintings on a wall
    The words lie there simply breathing
    Waiting for my hearts dear call

    Within there is always sunshine present
    Far away from the world’s hurts and pains
    For you have blessed me with the perfect place
    Where I can always quietly praise your name

    For I am so much a part of your spirit
    That as the words from my heart do come
    I feel all the pleasure of your precious love
    For the sweet words are never done.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Thanks for always inspiring with all you share Wendy…hugs, spiritual love , and blessings!

    1. Thank you, Wendell, for sharing so beautifully from your heart. “Where I can truly be myself” is the hallmark of Jesus’ unconditional love. Blessings back to you, my dear brother. ❀

  4. Wendy: I like how you blend Scripture with your fine photography. The first photograph is the best. It makes me want to sit there by the dune grass and write poetry; and inhale the peace of this place. Thank you for being you.

    1. Thank you, Richard. You’d love taking pictures at Goose Spit. On one side the moon rises and on the other side the sun sets. It’s our go to spot for resting away from the house. ❀

  5. As always, ever so beautiful Wendy … God bless. Those photos would look amazing framed and hanging in one’s home, giving sweet testament to the glory of the works of His hands.

      1. I hope you won’t mind but I have placed one of these photos on my desk top screen. It is so soothing to see it every time I turn on my computer.

          1. Yes. It’s in Comox on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. There’s a small naval base at the tip of it. If you Google ‘goose spit’, you can see aerial pictures of it.

  6. Beautiful images Wendy, thank you for showing us your special place. Mine is probably inside the chapel at the Mt Carmel friary and retreat centre in Sydney, Australia, and the surrounding green paddocks dotted with dams, cows, and a horse or two.

  7. You capture God’s beauty and share His heart so well! I love how we can still be in a special place with Him even during times of confinement. 🙂
    Thank you and God bless you , Wendy !

  8. As always, great photos and such a lovely post and thoughts. When I finally realized that the Lord was always by my side wherever I was, I felt so safe and comforted. Sometimes, it’s even a little uncanny how close He is at any given moment in time. Have a great week, my friend. Love and hugs, N 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Natalie. You’ve just reminded me of a line in a gospel song: “You ask me how I know He lives… He lives within my heart.” ❀ Blessings on your week, too. xo

  9. Wendy,
    What a special place you have up there indeed! Beautiful pictures, they capture tranquility and renew the spirit. I really like you prose that reminds us God is in control no matter the circumstances or situation we find ourselves in at the moment. Bless you, friend ~Zoey

  10. Truly very beautiful dear Wendy… I love the pics and words… Particularly I found these verses amazingly touching> “There’s a special place/where I go to seek God’s face/the ocean of grace”.Best wishes and happy week ahead to you, Aquileana 😀

  11. Today has not been a particularly good day for me, I struggled… but then a miracle happened. I saw your post, and I found my special place with God. Some days are like that, when we struggle and in His infinite wisdom, He’d already instructed your hands to write this very words. Thank you Wendy, God bless you!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you, Seyi, for blessing me with your kind words. I know I need Him every hour, and how wonderful that He’s interested in every detail of our lives. He really is Love. Hugs, dear friend.

  12. Where we live now I have no geographic location which serves as a retreat place, and so God has been gracious to teach me that it is not where I am that makes it special, but Jesus is! So I have flashes of retreat driving, or working, or… That doesn’t distract from the special places. You have the sea and I have Lake Huron, and the flowers especially remind me of the Creator. Thanks, as always.

    1. I imagine Lake Huron looks as lovely as the sea, considering its enormous size… enjoy each glimpse of creation when you can. ❀ You are correct that it’s not about where–but Whom.

  13. Another inspiring photo journey, Wendy. Where do I see and experience God, almost everywhere and particularly on our back veranda, surrounded by native forest, where I make my daily prayer/meditation period..

  14. Wendy, you are so right in saying that God’s presence can be found anywhere. I discovered that ICU waiting rooms are amazing places to find Him. It is so often during times of crisis, that we seek God more intently, thus find Him more readily. Would that it didn’t take that for us to just continually seek the Lord! Lovely photos and words

    1. Sue, I will remember your words for my next time visiting (or as a patient) in ICU. It was where I had my last visit with my sweet sister. You’re right. God was there.

      I echo your desire that we would draw closer to Him in the everydayness too. ❀

  15. Beautiful, Wendy. Back in March, I had an emergency appendectomy. The anesthesiologist, about to put me to sleep, said, “Think of your best dream.” I knew better. My mind went straight to God … just letting Him know I loved Him, hoping I would be okay, but knowing in my heart … God was all I needed. I had such peace. He’s the dream. The best one. Special place.

    1. Shelli, I love your choice of Whom to focus on. I’m in agreement that ‘He’s the best dream and all we really need’. Thank you for blessing me with your presence here. ❀

      1. It was a very special moment to capture then. It looked swollen and golden here but I wasn’t prepared to photograph it, however I experienced the moon’s powerful and gentle presence xx

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