The Garden of Her Heart



The Garden of Her Heart


Before He opened the gate

to the garden of her heart

it was overgrown with brambles

that had won the greater part


Once she’d given Him permission

the restoration had begun

until the flowers became the focus

under the gentle springtime Sun


In the fire branches were thrown

and their ashes used for good

until the borders bloomed glorious

as the Gardener knew they would.


Wendy ❁ 2014




I wrote this poem out of thanksgiving

for what God can do  in a heart.




There are places that I do not like to go anymore–

places with brambles that choke out joy and peace.




  I know that some things are not lovely, pure and of good report.




The garden of my heart is tended by a loving and faithful Gardener.

I know that He cares for me too much

to allow invasive weeds to choke out our favorite flowers.




His plans are always for good so that I will be blessed

and his glory will be revealed.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!




Glorious Garden Blessings ~ Wendy ❁




PS – My novel draft is over 55,000 words now.

The last two weeks of writing were more challenging

as my confidence waned.

But I have been reading about other writers who have succeeded.

They, too, were often riddled with doubt–

they kept writing anyways.

That’s what I’m doing; I’m writing anyways.

My determination is waxing.




If you have a dream,

keep dreaming 

and doing.



96 thoughts on “The Garden of Her Heart

  1. This is so beautiful and soothing to the soul, Wendy, on a morning when my soul needs to be soothed. Thank you and God bless you.


      1. AW 🙂 thanks ever so much for popping by …I do know how hard it is to keep up with everyone you like to visit. …and I do appreciate the times you are able to come by!

        Blessings Dear Lady 🙂

  2. Wendy, I’m just loving your spring! Wow. Gorgeous shots with the raindrops, just popping with vibrance. I love the first shot best of all with the cute little ladybug in the crocus. I wonder if she knows how beautiful she made her home? Good luck on your book. I know you can do it.

    1. Thank you, Linda. The ladybug was my favorite too. I was surprised to see one so early in the season. The words on your March 20th post are very true– it’s easy to miss “the tiniest of miracles”. ❀

  3. Very beautiful, Wendy, and uplifting, too. I know how you feel about your draft of your book. I would never have made it through Wake-Robin Ridge without the support and encouragement of my Beta readers, who let me know what they thought about each and every chapter of that draft. They were unfailingly supportive, but also asked questions when things didn’t make sense to them, and kept me on track. And now, I’m past the halfway point of editing my second book, which will be coming out by May 1, I believe. Without both Beta and ARC readers, I would have lost confidence and given up. But I persevered, and you will, too. Look how good you’ve done, and how far you’ve come. I say, Yay for YOU! Keep on keepin’ on. You’ll get there. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marcia, for your kind words of encouragement. At present my husband has offered to read my draft. He’s my Beta reader right now, and he’s always been graciously blunt with anything I do-so I really appreciate his input. He’s not one to flatter– so I usually have to brace myself a bit… So far he’s still reading and still telling me to keep writing. I figure that after 30 yrs of marriage we can survive this too. 😉 Good going on your second novel. I love your poems and hope to read your books later. ❀

  4. Wendy, This is a stunning piece with the gorgeous photos … Hemingway once said, “Writing is easy. You sit at your typewriter and bleed.” I’ve often wondered if all creative endeavor is truly this way!

    1. Linda, I think all art touches people deeply if the artist has mixed in a portion of his own ‘blood’–whether it is within words or paint. It wasn’t until I started to take risks in writing that I noticed a more intense response by readers to poems or prose that are written with pathos. My novel draft drips with my own blood between the lines. I think both you and Hemingway are right. ❀

    1. Thank you, Danielle. I love the worship song made from that Psalm. A cleaned out heart makes way for the right Spirit. Only Christ can create lasting newness. ❀

  5. That book in you is like the crocus and snowdrop. Doubt all you want, but even before winter has finished they come springing up in beauty. You’ll get the “blooming” thing done, if I may be so punny. Our spring flowers have just broken the surface of the soil, where the snow has melted and we can see. Your photos are like a preview for me. Thanks!

    1. You’d feel at home with our punning family. Rarely does a dinner not include several. I’m so glad to hear that your side of Canada is warming up–you’ve all had a hard long winter. Thank you for the ‘novel’ encouragement. ❀

      1. Wonderful!
        Alas, we are back in the deep freeze, but spring temperatures are bound to get here. I did get 2 flower beds cleaned out though.

  6. Wendy, sounds like the garden of my soul too, until the Master Gardener came in and cleaned it up. Thank you for this beautiful reminder on how Jesus makes all things new. ~ Blessings ~

    1. Thank you, Deborah Ann. Your comment reminds me of a line in a song by Evie: Born again-there’s really been a change in me. Blessings, dear poet sister. ❀

  7. Wendy, I pray that you keep going. Based on all your other works, I’m certain it will be a wonderful story. Love the poem. Love the photos, especially the crocuses. Blessings

    1. Thank you, Sue. Blogging has taught me so much about writing. The most important thing I’ve leaned is that if what I write doesn’t move me–it won’t move anyone else.

      Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  8. Beautiful and inspiration poem and photography, Wendy. God has a plan for your writing…all our writing…ours, I think, is just to do it and wait for His blessing.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  9. I always enjoy your posts. Your photos are beautiful and your words add even more beauty. Keep on writing! God never gives us the strong desire to write unless He knows we have something good and lovely to say. I can’t wait to read your story because I know it will be true, good, and lovely.

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence and blessing, Elaine. My novel will include both the lovely and the not so lovely. It’s a redemption story set within a mystery.❀

  10. Great post and gorgeous photos as usual. Hang in there, Wendy. The enemy loves to create doubt in our hearts in order to thwart our dreams. Just remember that He that is within you has more power that he that is without. You just keep going girl! If the Lord has put the dream in your heart, then He has a plan and a purpose for it. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie. 1 John 4:4 is one of my absolute favorite verses. What I hope for is that my novel both entertains and introduces the readers to faith as they follow the lives of characters who aren’t perfect–but are loved perfectly none-the-less. ❀

  11. Thank you for helping us with our own heart issues, that we can trust God with all the weeds. God bless you as you keep going! You can do this!

  12. what an amazingly timely reminder that we often face discouragement on the road to doing what God has called us to do … KEEP GOING! Your words are inspired … by the One who made you do this His work 🙂

    1. Thank you, Heidi. I do struggle with doubts about what His will is; however, in the meantime I prepare my fields. Providence opens and closes doors in His perfect way. ❀

  13. So very beautiful Wendy … love the lines about the ashes used for good and making the flowers even more beautiful. Sorry, what are you working on at the moment … I feel I’ve missed something xxx

    1. Thank you, Liana. I have been working on my 1st novel draft of an inspirational mystery (with some romance woven into it). My dear husband encouraged me to “get writing” since I enjoy making up stories. It’s an exciting adventure. ❀

      1. Congratulations Wendy … I know it’s not published yet; but you write beautifully and with your husband’s and your Heavenly Father’s encouragement and love, it will be a winner. God bless xxx

  14. Wendy, these images are absolutely magnificent. They take your breath away and your words are so appropriate and well chosen. Your posts are a sheer delight. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Bill. I really appreciate the “cheers”. It helps drown out the doubting voices. My husband has been reading the first draft and encourages me to keep writing – so I do.

      Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  15. Beautiful post, Wendy! All thanks and praise to the Master Gardener of our souls! Blessings on your writing endeavor! Laura

  16. Wendy such a beautiful post I wish you well on your writing journey I know how you feel I am editing a novel I have good and not so good days as long as you show up at your space and start you will finish. Good luck and keep going.

    1. Thank you, Kath. I couldn’t agree more about just showing up at my writing space until I’m done. It amazes me how the characters show up if I do. Blessings on your novel. I adore your art.❀

    1. Thank you, dear Mary. I imagine you know well about sticking to a creative project since you’re a published author. I really appreciate the encouragement. ❀

    1. Jennifer, even if I don’t get published traditionally I plan to keep writing for the sheer joy of it. I’m not going to be able to let my characters go. Let’s keep writing ‘no matter what’. ❀

  17. Your words remind me of the unquenchable desire He has for us even when we are “dark”. Willing to wait for His beloved while the brambles and the “stickers” get pulled so that all He is can blossom. Thank you!

  18. Lovely!!! I, too, am writing a book based on my blog. I have struggled with it a lot, but I know it is something I need to complete. And yes, my drive wanes a lot at times. Keep on keeping on….you are truly bringing light and life to others.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. It’s helping me to stick to a set time and show up no matter what. It often surprises me how well writing goes even if I was not feeling inspired when I first sat down. Blessings on your book. ❀

  19. Hi Wendy, I continue to love how God is using you to touch people’s lives through the art of writing and photography. I just posted a new blog entry called “Creating Art” which includes photos of what women have created in my art classes at church. Most of the women have no art experience and were nervous about making the projects. However, I am so proud of them for stepping our of their comfort zones. I would be honored if you would post a brief comment. Love Your Sister in Christ, Danielle

    1. Wow! Would you believe I was just at your blog and then noticed you were at mine? Thank you for the invite. ❀ Danielle, I was inspired as I read both your words and the comments of the ladies. Nothing is more beautiful than handmade cards and gifts. I really believe in the healing and inspiration of art. Even in my private journal I now sketch daily as I think about the portion of the bible I’ve just read. Jesus is the co-Creator with both the universe and within each of our lives. I’m so glad that He made us in His image so that we love to create too. xo

  20. I don’t know how I missed this! Probably its because I haven’t been well for a week or two and my concentration on anything meaningful waned and yet it is reading and looking at something such as this, that can lift me. A truly beautiful post Wendy and the photograph with the ladybird in the heart of the flower is more exquisite than words can describe. Xx

    1. Christine, you are so kind. xo Please never feel you have to visit every post. I know that I can’t keep up with all those that I follow. I hope your health picks up so that you can enjoy being outside. Blessings dear poet friend. ❀

  21. Great post . Your words fit well those lovely photos…

    I particularly loved the poem on the gardener.
    It made me think in Life as a truce between seasons.
    All that as “flowers become the foucs under the gentle springtime Sun”

    Your blog is amazing… Glad to find you,
    Best regards; Aquileana 😛

  22. This was beautiful, Wendy. And the photo of the crocus and the ladybug is amazing!! Every garden has weeds…it’s wonderful when we don’t have to tend the garden all by ourselves.

    1. Thank you, Kim. You’re so right that there are no weed-free gardens on this side of heaven. I know I need all the help I can get. ❀ (I really like your new photography website for your pictures – wow!)

  23. I love the last stanza in the opening poem, Wendy. Just good description. I’m so glad you’ve hung in there with the writing! Write your bliss and your truth.


  24. hi wendy, I have awarded you with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! If you want to accept, see my latest post for details. If you’re not into awards I truly understand, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your wonderful blog and all your visits.

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