Shades of Blue



Shades of Blue


Her denim eyes well up with tears

mirroring the melancholy sky within

blueberry bruises and scarlet wounds ache

not visible outside – but hidden


A heart bleeds smalt notes – a dirge

Joy jaded in her younger life

Betrayal and terror on slate pages

Regret for having been his wife


How true his cyan eyes had seemed

once upon a time…

when opalescent bells rung midst cast rice

all, back then, appeared fine


But even serene and sapphire seas

can churn and turn on a dime

burying the strongest Titanic – complete

under glacial and mercurial waves of time


Blue days follow blue nights

Dark shades of moods swirl around

spilling onto pages once azure

until a new book is bound


Topaz ink with cursive letters flow

joining others to form words of hope

 Love’s Author answers plaintiff prayers

mapping a new road on which to go


A palette of poison blues is put to rest

as she picks a more heavenly hue

No longer needing his permission or smiles

turns away from steely eyes of blue.




I suspect we all know someone who has been badly treated and betrayed in love and marriage.

 This poem is dedicated to them.

May they find healing and the road that is best for their recovery and peace.




Blessings of Healing Peace ~ Wendy




But if the unbeliever leaves, let him do so.

A believing man or woman is not bound in such circumstances;

God has called us to live in peace.

1 Corinthians 7:15




I would like to end today’s post on a lighter note…

here is a picture/haiku in appreciation of my own husband

who has a desire to bless and cherish me.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you are looking for a new blog to check out, I have started another photo and Scripture one at:

 It posts one photo at a time with a bible verse right on the picture (like above).

Short and sweet…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

96 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

  1. I wish I could walk through your garden! May the Lord heal the hearts of those hearts have been broken . . . and praise the Lord for your night in shinning armor! ~ Blessings ~

  2. Such beautiful pictures and poetry. With you, I hope and pray that they will bless and encourage someone whose marriage isn’t “made in heaven.”

  3. Your poem about your husband is fab – I too have a knight in shining armour and appreciate the small things as much as the big ones – and his love always.

  4. All those blues! It is my favorite color, but I can identify too with its representation of sadness. I have seen grace transform marriages that took a wrong turn, so I pray with confidence for those who are hurting, to turn to God with empty hands so he can fill them, comfort them, and heal them.

    I’m glad your husband fixed your computer. Little things express big love! I will check out your new blog, too!

    This week finds me celebrating my husband, as he finally got to sign the contract for his new job, and he lovingly cared for and accompanied his mom to a significant surgery earlier this week. His eyes have the right focus and I am honored to walk beside him.

    Weekend blessings–Alison

    1. We are so blessed to have men of goodwill. I think most husbands are honorable; however, some are abusive and dangerous.

      Alison, I hope that your mother-in-law has a successful recovery. xo

  5. I admire how you make a theme – and string it together with poetry. Your words are thoughtful, beautiful, and sad. The serenity of the flowers and the sad tone of the poem complement each other.

    On a happy note, hurray for a husband handy with computers. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful poem complete with pictures that perfectly match the words in all the different hues of blue. Sad but so true. My husband fixes my computer too! hooray for the good husbands!

  7. No words can describe the photos except to say stunningly beautiful. Thank you for blessing us with your photography talent and for sharing your little corner of God’s creation with us dear friend.

  8. Love the picture/haiku. A true knight to have fixed your computer! Look forward to the new site. Blessings. BTW, am working on my first attempt at haiku–Sue style.

  9. What a beautiful and encouraging post, Wendy. It reflects our Father’s heart for the hurt and feels so peaceful… thanks for sharing, dear poet-friend!

    1. Mourning with those who mourn is not as fun as rejoicing with those who rejoice; however, it is part of being in the family of God. Thank you for your kindness, Heidi.

      1. She’s 5 and has taken possession on an old digital camara. She love is it already. My mom does too. It has been a great source of healing for us.
        We love your pictures.

  10. Exquisite post, sadly reflects my past experience. A sad subject brought to beauty by your words and bringing healing with your photos. You are truly inspired.

  11. Thank you for such a compassionate poem and photos to comfort those going through such a storm as this. You bring us His hope, Wendy! God bless you!

  12. We didn’t make it to church this morning, Also, we’ve been so busy sorting and packing (and it has been raining frequently here) that I have not gotten to get out to enjoy the spring loveliness of the flowers and growing things. I am taking a break this evening and am delighted to read your nourishing words and see your absolutely lovely photographs. Soothing my soul, you are. Thank you!

  13. Beautiful. I have witnessed this and you depict it here so powerfully.

    I missed this; it didn’t appear in my inbox although I am following you i hope I don’t miss anymore. Your photos are wonderful. I have just started a new photo and short poem blog. Its called Perfect Imperfection, named because of my struggle to hold the camera in weak hands. Ive only posted tree flowers so far but am enjoying it. I will pop over to your new one 🙂

    Best wishes


  14. The poem and the pictures work perfectly together. The poem sensitively deals with some difficult situations–and I like how you dedicated it to those who have been mistreated and offer best wishes for their healing

  15. Beautiful, as usual. I always look forward to seeing your photographs. I think you have inspired me to post a couple of pictures of flowers I took recently. I’m just wondering, how do you put a watermark on your photos?

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